My first computer with the memoir of my words

Write about your first computer.

The first computer I ever got was when I was in sixth grade alone with my thoughts,
and I had just begun to discover the meaning behind stories,
where I knew I had a gift of talent but one I could not recognize back then,
and that was the summer of the story of vacation beach time,
where I wrote about this girl and group of friends where she was excited for the summer vacation,
but the only news that could ever bring a summer vacation of drama,
was learning that her mother was pregnant with a baby boy,
and yes, this was a fictional drama,
where the characters in the story were not real,
but the plot was real and that related to me because,
I was going through those emotions at the time,
except it was not a summer vacation,
it was more like a new beginning,
and that was the time my other half became part of this world,
but I was only thirteen years old,
and I had never even known that maybe that character in the story was me,
and the friends were my six grade girls that I wish I could have told the story to,
but funny enough I have told this story to one friend in middle school which was in seventh grade a year after I had graduated from elementary school,
but as a young girl with a mind like mine back then you would have only looked at the story as a writer with a creative imagination who was just trying to enter a literacy contest,
and thought that her story had talent,
but the truth was even though I did not win the contest in my class,
I still knew that I did have talent,
and now I making the most of my ability to write,
and trying to exercise my gift one day at a time,
but even though it was my first computer I began to write on which was a mini windows xp,
I had written the story on paper and was not able to save it on my first computer,
but I had found another story in high school of ninth grade and that was the story between a girl and her best friend,
who at first, she did not like the guy as more than a friend,
but was not until the end of tenth grade and the summer before eleventh grade that her feelings for him had changed,
and now he was more than a best friend to her.


It was you every time, I fly

It was you every time, I fly,

like it was a revelation in the sky,

where I was looking for love in you,

and it brought me back into the moon,

where the roses only saw the stars, I wished upon to see you again making me love you as more than a friend,

and seeing you as a revelation in the roses only drew my heart to you even closer,

and yes, we both may have gotten off track with the dreams and the reality of us,

where we almost wished that our words for each other could be backed up,

but in the stories and in the dreams, I loved you more and I was hoping that you could see,

with the revelations in your eyes and the hints I gave to you about searching for me in disguise,

and seeing if you would find me in real life and I know that the stakes are high for you to get through,

but just know that one day the revelation in the roses will come to you,

but for now, it was you every time, I fly, and in the moon was the roses that came as a revelation of you, 

and before my heart lost its balance, I only found the heartbeat with you, and hoping that one day I will see you.

It was you every time, I wrote a love letter

It was you every time, I wrote a love letter,

where ancient times brought us back to before we even had any technology,

and we used to have to only read books about the unique romances that were shared before us,

kind of like Romeo and Juliet where their love was strong until death did them part,

and they chose to melt away in the roses of their love together keeping their love stronger than ever,

and it was more than the ink of their words they could write because no one bothered to listen and instead just kept fighting,

and drew a lot of people to turn a blind eye on something that was right in front of them,

to now being gone in a matter of minutes,

kind of like life which is sometimes taken for granted,

but for me it was you every time, a love letter.

Do You Wanna Journal About It: The fallen petals of me


Dear in the petals of the wind,
I was balancing the findings of me in a story,
where you tried to search for me and had no way of finding me,
but knowing that you love me no matter what,
and that you will always be my best friend,
and even though everything may be hard now,
you will soon catch the petals of the wind,
even though it can be hard to come back from the fall down,
I still love the petals that have grown in the roses.

If there will be thorns of roses

Dear in the petals of the wind,
The petals came into the roses,
that sparked the chance of love and struggle,
where we have not found the end of our story yet,
and we are both so used to feeling inside of our thoughts,
but have yet come across the real-life objective,
and instead have been playing by our own rules,
and yes, you may have called someone a friend who pretended with you,
but you get to experience who is loyal and who is not,
that is just the beauty of life,
and knowing that sometimes in the roses there will be thorns.
Dear in the petals of the wind,
I was looking for you,
because I love you,
and one day you will find me,
and I know it is hard to come by now,
by you will find that everything that may happen,
comes as a lesson.

Looking into the petals of the roses

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you came and found,
then got turned back around,
almost like a back-and-forth game,
not sure what cards to play,
and trusting the answer or the trap,
that is for you to find out,
not everything in life can be spelled out,
sometimes we have to found out on our own,
by opening our eyes,
you will find the lessons in the roses of the thorns,
and yes, you may love me,
and I love you too,
and there will come a time where I can meet you,
and I know that it is difficult for you to find me,
but looking into the petals,
is the same as looking into the roses of the thorns.

Coming into the blue of the moon

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you came into the dream,
looking for me,
where in real life you are not able to find me,
but I know that the petals of me will never leave you,
because they see you,
and they know that you see me too.
Dear in the petals of the wind,
giving a chance,
for the time to come through,
hoping that you could find me too,
in real life,
it may seem like we are walking two steps behind,
but we are only two steps forward,
to being closer to the dream of you and me,
there just has to be a way to find me,
and coming into the blue of the moon you will find the roses.

Can you catch me to be with you?

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you only caught me in the moment,
of where you could find me,
but asking me,
was almost like hiding me,
and coming up with a disguise in the dream,
where the world could not see us in the open lights,
because that would mean we were the spotlight,
and in the stories, I have written,
it has been my only eyes of attention,
where I knew I could catch a break,
but that I could also catch the real me,
without falling from the world,
because I was scared to fall with the thorns,
and admit that us would take time,
and yes, we have hurdles to jump through in life,
but that just means we are one step closer,
to being a forever and not being over,
so will you get to,
And can you catch me to be with you?

It was you, every time

Dear in the petals of the wind,

Loving you every time I feel like it could rain but it caught me in another way and when I chose to fall asleep I saw you every time I woke up and I felt the part that made the midnight a dream and it was you every time I fell in love and even though I felt like I was hiding myself in real life I saw every chapter of me and it was you every time there was the real me inside and making you my story captured the moment I thought was being kept inside of a lockbox because I woke up and found the key to it was unlocked and it was you every time I loved but I also loved me every time too.

Looking Up at the Moon: I saved the best for last

I began to look up and see a future,

for which I never thought I was heading towards,

and then you were that person that came into my life,

and broke apart the pieces of the broken,

and made me whole and yes, I know I said you inspired me,

and that was the same me who told you I loved you,

and even though it seemed so early at that time,

we both had growing up to do,

but those feelings are still so real,

almost like looking at them in a glass,

is ready to be poured into words,

and those words looking up,

I saved the best for last.

Looking up at the glass that poured out the words of my soul, almost looking up and seeing the moon, but saving the best for last for me and you. – Rockstar Girl

Where are you now, you remained a ghost

You remained just a ghost that slipped through the cracks and never came back through the media,

but you wanted everyone to see the bigger picture,

where no one could see the lines,

because it was covered by the paint brush,

where you took so many colors and made it your own,

and until you connected the dots,

you made a picture of what you thought,

and you let that be your creative process,

but I have one question,

Where are you now?

and why can’t I see you?

have you remained a ghost that I am unable to find,

because I have looked everywhere and there is no trace of you,

almost like the ninja forgot to leave behind their sword,

so, tell me where is the great ninja now,

because I cannot tell where he has gone.

You want to play those cards now, of where you are now, almost like a ninja in disguise, is that your new name in lights, I guess o, because that persona is ninja is a ghost. – Rockstar Girl

You will always be my untold story, where I never talked not once about the real truth

You will always be my that story I want to keep silent,

Where no one knows the identity of you, not even you,

But only kept as a secret between you and me,

Where I never thought to look before,

Or even divulge in the words,

Because the story was always mine,

Even though I may have included you inside,

Once or twice,

But just now that,

You will always be my untold story,

Where I never told not once,

About the real truth,

So let the stories commence,

While I still write these words.

Where we found the roses, we also found the thorns, that washed in the raindrops of the flower, whose petals had fallen along with the rose. – Rockstar Girl

In the highest of places, there is always a story, so why do I write you ask?

Why do I write is because I want to get the word out I often felt like I had to become a different person in High School to where I could never really nurture my talent at least when it came to my classmates who always wanted something different from me being that like a story there are two sides and there was two sides of me and they were the smart girl everyone wanted a piece of and just used my work against me and then there was the writer me that no one really got to know because I was very antisocial and I just wanted to keep my p’s and q’s to myself and that seemed to do fine my four years of High School because the only one that knows my true identity was me and that is why I write to keep a part of me in the pages of my journal where no one but me can see or find them.

Before you judge a book by its cover, consider reading the book before you judge the pages inside of the cover. – Rockstar Girl

There is only thirteen, but there is a day of the number 14

To whom this day is written about in the books of love,

Never been letting the name or number startle you,

And never be discouraged for not upholding the legacy,

For this one day many of us have wished was taken more seriously,

And it just not being another day to cross out of our calendars,

But seeing the positive light of what this day

could mean instead of counting on the other

Person we can still make this day work

With just one person even though that may

Be hard especially when roses and hearts

are involved and I am not just talking

About the ones in the deck of playing cards,

But can you guess the number of this day?

In the heart there are many that fall as petals on the number 14. – Rockstar Girl

I flipped the cards in the deck of hearts

I flipped the cards in the deck of hearts,

Asking for the answer which I knew was not,

Quite simple so to make a twist in words,

I must first shuffle the cards and,

See if one will pop out with the answer,

To my question and if so, it does maybe,

I flipped the right deck of cards after all.

In the cards there is a deck of hearts – Rockstar Girl

The missing piece of this mystery

The missing piece of this mystery, almost like it is going to be found out in any second but once a life becomes a truth, it also becomes a story of you that no one from your real life or past knows but are finding the pages in your story to come even without the ink of it ever being altered or changed but the story becoming a part of who you are and that is the beauty behind every missing piece of a mystery.

The missing piece of this mystery, may be my story to share and no piece of the puzzle will be left out, because every puzzle piece is a part of a secret that holds the real me, even if no one expects it to be there is always room for what there is meant to be a missing piece of mystery.

Love was found in the clouds by the swing and that is where I meditated on being and found the missing piece of this mystery. – Rockstar Girl

How I hid the real me

How I hid the real me,

I could never show,

But only one of my friends knew,

And I began to open to best friend about me,

When he went on a long walk with me,

But I only told the very vague truth,

Not opening up all about me,

Because you see I wanted to know more about him than him,

Knowing about me,

And while I was in High School,

it was hard for me to trust other people,

Because not knowing what they really wanted,

From me was hard and that is why I am,

Struggling to know if hiding me from them was the best decision or not and while I may,

Want to go to the High School reunion just to come back as the real me and not having to answer,

To anybody but knowing why I am there and that it has nothing to do with pleasing them,

But only pleasing me and seeing what I could achieve and even though it has taken me this long,

To realize it I am glad I get to no longer hide the real me because I am the one who is the missing piece of this mystery.

The hiding of what I could keep quiet ended up being the me that faded and from the inside I was able to find an outlet to express my voice but, on the outside, I remained hidden from them. – Rockstar Girl

The mood only represents my heart

The mood only shows the emotions

But what the ring shows is the representation of the colors,

And then you have to do your own research of what,

Is in the charts labeled next to every single,

Color on the mood that only represents my heart.

The ring of the mood is the color in hues. – Rockstar Girl

Locked Up as a Mystery: I never thought of myself as a dreamer & writer

Locked up as a mystery, I wish I was found so that you could see my story but some stories are closer than you might think, it just depends on the story, and if you know the story so well you should be able to read between the lines as well.

Locked up as a mystery, I never thought of myself as a dreamer who could control the lines with her mind if she had more time, I never thought of myself as a writer who could make up words and turn them into stories but that is just the exact copy of the real me who likes to be locked up as a mystery.

In the petals there was a rose if you could smell it from faraway then you had unlocked the key to her mystery – Rockstar Girl

Looking up I thought it could never last

Looking up I only saw the signs and I still miss even though we are both silenced and I could only ever imagine what you think of yourself now it almost seems like you are running from the crowd but I bet you never thought our past life could be a lesson but it was to me and I am guessing it was to you too.

Looking up I am glad I just sat down and read only to find some inspiration while staring at my phone while reading words like they were silent on my case but secretly hoping to write about you again.

Looking up I came across so many lines that would fit perfectly for hours at a time and then one writer came up to me in my thoughts and asked me to write about her dreams and I thought to myself how can this be I do not have any dreams to share let alone one’s I want everyone to know because don’t we get to keep some dreams locked away as a mystery.

Looking up I never thought I could ever miss the art that played with the kiss – Rockstar Girl

Infinite lines to crossing the lines

If there was infinite ways for me to fly would you catch me in my mind and make me not fall because of the petals of my roses were the writing was the language that fell right off my tongue and I could write the words almost like a poetic song but in the past I did not want to change because I was afraid you would not understand and I know that I make my past seem like like it was perfect but nothing ever is until one day you feel you want to fix it and you wish you could go back and draw the line because maybe you spent so much time having infinite lines instead of crossing the line and that is something that I feel like was a mistake because I let the tracks ride all over me instead of learning how to stand up for myself completely that I had to ask the question of whether someone just saw me for being the smart girl that was compared to me but never seemed to see me and that is what drew the question in my mind do you only think of me as smart and I know that maybe some may not know me in this lifetime of the present but if you saw me in HighSchool in the past you would know these I am referring to and how I may have seemed like a smart girl to everybody be in my class and maybe that was my critique but there was something more I wanted everyone to know about me and that was I am a writer who enjoys to write poetry and to develop a voice where in the real world she felt she had to hide it because maybe people would not understand her or be on the same level as her but this prompt in the beginning had me thinking about infinite love but in reality the truth is I wanted more than infinite lines I wanted to cross the lines and make my personality known and how I love to read romance stories on poetry , listen to music with my headphones, and most of all wrote my own stories about my life experiences but don’t worry I have been told I was good at remaining anonymous.

The washing away of my thoughts

The past twenty-four hours,
my thoughts have washed away,
where every thought has gone down the drain,
and letting the water carry the flow,
like I am sitting on the concrete wondering where my thoughts are heading,
and I used to be scared of walking the stones,
and wondering if I would see the same burdens as before,
and maybe I thought because of his jealousy towards me,
that he was happier without me,
because I felt that I was a trigger for him because of his insecurities,
and someone asked me this question why did you like him if you were such a trigger for him?
I answered this question by saying I just wanted to get to know him as a friend I did not even like him at first,
but once I got to know him and started to interact with him more, I started falling.

In the five things there are five I do for fun

List five things you do for fun.

The past twenty-four hours,
one thing I do for fun is draw graffiti letters in my art book,
second thing I do for fun is watch YouTube videos and podcasts,
third thing I do for fun is listen to music,
fourth thing I do for fun is create book covers,
fifth thing I do for fun is blog and write stories about my life,
and in every five things there are five that I do for fun that make me who I am
and that is the five of all about me.

The hand over the shot

The hand over the shot 

The one that was shooting from all sides of the heart 

One vessel of the blood went out the other 

And soon enough it was growing from pleasure

Where you had touched my fragile heart 

And never broke the pieces from falling apart 

Because you had always had a thumbtack on the destination 

And the path of the map you were taking 

And that was the complaint of not meeting the destination 

Because the school had left the students with no available communication

And from the test of life that rang the bell 

And saw the canon come out from underneath the ground 

Ready to take its shot from all sides of the heart 

The vessels of the heart continued to grow 

And it was like a hundred of the shots we had never taken 

We would have missed out on the life of opportunities.

The hand over love and life

What have you learned in your life about love?

The hand over love and life that I have learned is that you can’t have them both you have to pick one or the other and I am at this stage in my life where love is not really my priority but it seems to be all that I can think about and yes others are calling me depressed because I have been sitting and writing my thoughts like stories where every word has taken up my mind and sometimes I wonder where is the love I need in my life because I do not see it but I do love myself for being what I can be and yes people want to see action from me in my life and I understand where they might be coming from but I do not feel that comparing me to someone else is going to help me navigate through and if others want action so bad from me then fine I will show them how I can be the real me and through all of the stories I have blown through and written yes I should be doing something with them but I have been trying my hardest and I guess everyone else sees the stories for the goodness in them except for the ones who are telling me to do something about them and I feel like if that is the way the hand over my life is going to go then why do I even need to write stories about a love that I don’t even know if it is going to happen but I guess I tend to act like him too because I don’t really know what to do about my life and even though yes I want to keep my writing from others a secret because I feel that maybe they won’t understand why I am writing it in the first place and the hand over love and life comes with two choices pressure or getting through decisions.

Stay the same or change the moves

We evolve through our life and then we ultimately decide if we want that to be our life and throughout many stories I have tried to seek out other chapters but it was hard for a while to know what I really wanted did I want something more with the guy I called my best friend and was he the one for me and that was something I always had suspected but I never found out the truth behind that message and if he was worth the chemistry we both felt in high school trouble was he had a hard time making a move and showing me that he wanted to get to know all of me and throughout high school we both had seen each other every day of the week but sometimes when needed we both took space from each other until we realized our path in life after being caught up in certain things we could not get out of and yes he may be writing in his journal about me and trying to piece together where he went wrong about the old me and to see if he could find a connection and find me on social media but the trouble is I do not know his old usernames and it can be very complicated to know about him and the nicknames he has used in the past and some I did try it was hard to know if that was him and seeing if he would make a move and actually find me was I will admit a big gamble to follow and I know that finding someone on the internet is no easy process but I had to wonder if he was going to back to his old ways and be the stubborn person he always was with me but I still do love him even if he does not know it and I was looking for him through the internet too just to see if he evolved from the person he used to be and yes he may have through his looks but his personality I would have to test the waters on that one and see if getting to know him we would be sharing the same connection but the chemistry between was always there for fact and we went through many opportunities to get to know each other but we only made it through the walk with each other just to really know one another and there may have more opening up about me than him but that is just the way he was and that was reservation of him I had to get used to and many often wondered what type of man are you looking for and that is something I never was able to make a list of but to me the qualities I am looking for are: honest, loyal, puts me first, treats me with respect, makes a move, right intentions of love, and most of all loves me like I am the only one in this world.

In the ink of the sun that never fades

It was in the magic of the waters,

That came down like the run,

Filling up in the gloomy eyes of 

The dark,

I only started to feel the sun

Behind the clouds, 

Where sparkling on the waters,

Never left me any words,

It all skipped across like stones,

Where all my thoughts were alive,

Today and I got to see the picture 

Behind the words,

Even though the magic of the 

Waters could never skip the chapters,

Of the stepping stones of thoughts,

It was in the magic of the 


I thought of the last days I 

Was embraced in your arms,

Almost like the touch of you fell 

Out of balance and was left,

In the waters of the sky like,

Raindrops of scattered thoughts,

That hid behind the clouds were,

The sun never fades when I start to love you.

The Scrapbook of Snapshot Dreams

In the dreams I relieve the memories 

I paste them in my mind one by one 

You would think they would be in a lockbox 

Of old treasures but they are thought about every day and every night but none of those people who I think about could ever resist the thought of provocative 

Dreams that are like scrapbooks in my mind 

But they are read as chapters by others who have limited access to what my dreams are about.

Just whisper and then it dawned on me

Dearest rose,

just whisper and then it dawned on me you were looking for me on social media and as time went you began to feel like it was a yearbook reunion where you came face to face with the past life and all the people we once knew in HighSchool but you never got to see the glimpse of us when it dawned on me that you were fine and you were looking for me everyday at a time but then new dawnings came to play and you decided to flip the cards and see just who was the face behind the closed doors and I was the writer who changed the life and script of words to write the lines and see the life of my own perspective and so the whispers of a new dream would be the words of reality.


my words of roses where it dawned on me that you were my dream in reality

Tied in the Blue Roses: Forget me not or love me not (part 9)

I never wanted to forget the things in my life I could not change but letting everything slip into my mind made me feel like my mind in reality was dead silent but after so many ups and downs the new year may well have brought us a new beginning and I hope that on that day when the clock strikes midnight it will be a new year of new beginnings and that no time will have passed or gone away from us until the last and I hope you will forget me not and never lose a petal other than the roses and the BlueMoon.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Unlocking a Box of New Secrets (part 8)

The wondrous skies have come to be the silence of a new start and a chapter that has yet to make its art but after the brushes we made the picture in the process of a new canvas we have unlocked the secrets to the dreams and made a future out of the secret box of new beginnings I began to look forward what is changing and I hope something could will come out of the next pages but soon time will tell when I will return for the next mystery but until then the chapters of me are all about the blank pages of a new canvas.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Holding on to the first and last moments (part 7)

I was so afraid of losing the moment that I knew it was real when I dreamt it and from all the kisses and the hugs that turned into more than just an embrace as I fell asleep in your dreams towards the end of midnight and you still woke me up the next day and wanted to hug me until I was close to you and I had never left you but I held my hands in your arms and never left you with a scar but the dream meant more than the night even though I was still scared of what my reality would capture because it all felt easier in my dreams to get to know you but in real life I know it is going to be different but I am hoping that it will finally be something to not miss and we will find out everything about each other including our dislikes and likes what are our pet peeves and what music makes us daydream and put us in certain moods because I always love to listen to lyrics even if those daydreams are about you I know those lyrics are words I have written about you too.

Tied in the Blue Roses: The Night Before the Roses (part 6)

I waited until the night would bring me flowers preferably blue preferably red you choose but my life was now in someone else’s hands and I began to tell the story on my own land and after some time I began to think it over but after crossing those waters of the blue roses I found out the night was more than a moon of my dreams after you had found the closed glass cage I found the hourglass of the time it would break but standing out in the open like a fearless butterfly ready to fly I only fell in the blue roses of the love underneath the moon I was now still writing and wanted as a dream but never settled for just the ending to a love story.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Two Halves of a Whole (part 5)

Could we ever forget the times we were together even if reason was more than just a season we could never forget those dreams that were made as days of the week on a calendar of each year we get to repeat as two years feel like they have passed but each day I remember you as the same of the other half of me some might say we are two halves of a whole.

Remember the nights you swore you would never forget but the nights that became your days were my favorite nights of a daydream that came into a reality and set me free as wings.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Every Time I look at the Blue I See You ( part 4)

Tied in between the roses that gave me the blue every time the moon looks at me I think of you and the way I have become a short story in the beginning where I just wrote about HighSchool in a journal entry and then I caught up with the present and made my past a story but as time when on my future was my life’s ever so dream.

Coming into the moments I see I wonder how soon they will not be a mystery but in the sun I count the days little by little they run on moon time and come back hour by hour until the last moment became more than a minute.

Tied in the Blue Roses: I chose to keep my heart alive ( part 3)

You always wanted to remember the day I could not give you but in the roses you still faced the sky and you hid the pain so well from my eyes as I knew you never meant what you wanted me to but you wanted to make me believe that you wanted me to be pushed away from you I know now that you never meant to but you wanted to protect my heart from you but maybe that was a risk I was willing to take to make me love you and even though you may want to show everyone the wolf of the moon I know that the blue roses still lived in your heart somewhere and that no matter the blue my heart would always have you even though you may have sometimes wanted me to choose someone else and I almost did but I still had the heart for you and I knew that I could not in love someone else in my heart when my heart was being held by someone else and I never wanted that love between us to die so I chose to keep my heart alive and not frozen in the blue sky but kept warm in your arms never having to leave a finger or lay a hand on someone else’s that was not yours but finding the locket that was my heart to unlock the story that only the writer behind the words knew as the love language and the cards that could flip the story until there was no more ink to write the words with a pen but between you and me there always more than love in the roses between you and me.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Drowning in the Blue of the Surface ( part 2 )

You always wanted to catch me alone

Like we were the only two in the crowd

That was drowning in the surface

That flipped the cards before I could see the

secret faced up

But the cards of the deck knew the love

Before I could get the answer

And now it is in the hands of time

Instead of just a crystal ball

That I like to think had the key

To making my universe the dreams

That played a part in the puzzle pieces.

In life

We like to know what we are thinking

But some things cannot be explained

Until the dreams have come true

But in my mind they are a story of chapters

That have not found the ending

Until the story has been completed.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Each Secret Was Another Tell of Love ( part 1 )

You always wanted more than the wish but I only ever wanted the kiss and my heart was the beat in your embrace even though I could not find the words to describe the feeling at first and I never wore perfume again just to see if it was the scent but you never picked up on the move until I looked into your eyes and saw more than I could prove even though it was in the heart that I knew.

There was always two sides to the story I wanted to figure out and the feeling was the first to know but as the story started to creep in I started to realize that what we had was more than we wanted to admit to each other and for the first time in my whole life it was a life I never had to force in the feeling of love or you and I.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Pick a Petal or Two or Me and You

You graced my skin like you were my handkerchief of dreams but you held my heart like it was never cold and you made my life a story of you because you wanted me to wait for you but as the petals started to slowly become my weather of tears and made my hair want to meet the eyes of the wolf who share the same desire and had the name of blue roses painted on the petals but as you wrote the lines I tied the petals together with the roses and made you a story of love and admiration without leaving any details out of the canvas and I painted the tattoo of the wolf on my phone and made an album of what was already exposed and the heart was your last wish but I was the ink and you were the roses to my story so don’t forget who wrote the name and matched the words to the already filtered out photo that made the wolf of you and my dreams irresistible.

You may have made the words the right way to speak and never had to make a choice between life and me but you fit the description and put the puzzle pieces together like they were the canvas and I was the brushes of art but you had already wrote your name on my heart you just needed the letter to make it official even though in HighSchool we were not an exclusive couple and no one said the most likely to fall for you in the yearbook but I guess that will be our little secret.

You may have wanted the roses to fly away like the wings until they could uncover the reasons why the flowers always seemed to want to die instead of fly away but the butterfly was my wings of weakness even though the words of the story were my strength you were one of those dreams I never wanted to forget but that may have been because you were my butterfly I never wanted to fly away.

You may have gotten the words of my wings as petals but what happens when those wings become more than roses and are now blue roses from the moon, can the mystery be my clue to the missing puzzle pieces?

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: Driven By You ( part 6 )

Driven by you it almost feels like a rollercoaster where there are no brakes and we are going fast through life even though we are going slow with the ride you are the only one who I am driven by and as fast as time passes we are slowly flying like butterflies.


Your Dreamer

The drive is faster with the ride but that is until we hit the brakes of life.

Kiss and Tell: You Got Me Weightless

Weightless like a flower

Driven by desire

Coming in clutch

Where does the highway end

Are you the masterpiece of art

That had the sight of my heart

Faster than the motion

In a weightless heart of desire.


Your Dreamer

You got me weightless by the heart and the moments of desire come into a clearer picture where you feel my wings being weightless off the ground of butterflies.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: My Web is a Dreamcatcher ( part 2 )

My web is a dreamcatcher that writes the dreams and plays the parts but as the character of the story I have the strings attached to write the script and make secrets in the ink become exposed by words but once unlocked they become a web of dreams in a dreamcatcher.


Your Dreamer

My web is a dreamcatcher but the stories have the ins and outs of what secrets like in the ink that is written by me.

Kiss and Tell: What can’t be told will just be an ink rose 🌹

The ink of my petals were just the roses but with just one drop it all became a flower covered in red but ink the roses like they were secrets and without the thorns they were just love stories between the diary and the dreamer of dreams where only the rose loved and lived in her own imagination.


Your Dreamer

In the roses you know the stories from inside and out but have you touched the petals of my dreams like you have touched me.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: Do I wanna Throw Away The Key?

Do I wanna throw away the key to the secrets I have been holding in from you and for that same reason I have kept the keys locked from the diary entries that are the same stories of you and me and only my dreams are the password that have the access.


Your Dreamer

The dreamers can dream and spill the secrets but it only takes one to keep a secret so will you kiss and tell or lock the doors?

Kiss and Tell: Dreamers are dreams and life is stories

How is the story of us any different from the black and white where the ink runs the show and the roses have the petals to leave behind before the moon sets as midnight and you have kept the secrets like a closed book but all I want to be is your open book story.


Your Dreamer

You can kiss and tell my secrets and make them disappear like thin air but once they are caught in a web the dreams become a dreamers intuition.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: Missing You and Wishing Well ( part 9 )

Wishing you all of the glory

From this season of giving and receiving

I only imagine the year of great blessings

And coming together in our dreams

Even with the presents underneath the Christmas tree

You are still the best gift anyone could have ever given me.


Your Dreamer

I am wishing you a merry Christmas even if we are apart for this season I will always be dreaming of you keeping me warm in the cold even I didn’t take your jacket when it was cold.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: In the heart I hope it was roses ( part 8 )

In the heart I hoped it was roses

Soon to me a love would come to be

For it was worth this was the first love

And now my wishes are being made in December

which is really all I could have ever asked for

And in life my reality was present

But in my dreams my reality was existent

Dare to hope

Dare to dream

For everything was a dream of you and me.


Your Dreamer

In the dreams I wrote the stories and in my reality is where I kept them in the pages of my dear diary.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: My Space is My Universe of Dreams ( part 7 )

Your dreams come like signs

Where the stars in the moon

Read the cards of the dreams

And the horoscopes provide the meaning

Where you could be born on mars

Or Venus and Jupiter

It does not matter

Because as long as my dreams

Are of you I know that I will

Always have you.


Your Dreamer

It may not be here, It may not be now, but hopefully our dreams will come true in the new year.

Kiss and Tell: Locked Eyes In My Dreams

Locked in the eyes my locks were once keys but you unlocked the days of the weeks were I would write about you and it all felt like a dream into two parts but you were always my story and the secret in my heart I tried to keep but my mind just kept dreaming and I had already locked eyes in the pages of my locked diary and made the stories another life with you even though my reality was on pause with you I knew that my universe was the space in my dreams.


Your Dreamer

In the eyes we were locked but in the pages we were the mystery that was unlocked with words that were the keys to my heart and stories of you.

Dear Diary: Kiss and Tell: Your Christmas Eve Mistletoe ( part 5 )

Your Christmas Eve mistletoe

Checking her list marking it twice

Seeing if I am naughty or nice

Making my Christmas list

Filled with wishes

That start with you

And all of the kisses

In my dreams

I am thinking about with you

And how my heart belongs with you

And how your heart belongs to me.


Your Dreamer

I am thinking about my Christmas Eve checking my list thinking about the names of my wishes once or twice I have found my Christmas Eve mistletoe of you and me and that is my Christmas present underneath the present tense tree.

PS: The Journal I wrote from me to you

The days of my life that have become stories and the dreams I have began to write in hopes of one day making it a reality but the only problem is that sometimes I feel like I am being held back because I have not gotten the courage to grow up yet and it scares me that my reality is becoming more real than my dreams and I hope that my writing will become more of a way for me to chase my dreams and live out who I want to be but in the meantime this is the I

wrote from me to you because I love you.

PS: The Journal I wrote from me to you

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PS: My Journal I wrote to You: My Story Ends With A Chapter ( part 10 )

The days I began to dream and how I thought my life was always meant to be a story but quickly the lines of the ink off my own began to grow thin and I was writing the words from inside of my head but each time they tell me the answers I just feel all the dreams as becoming real and all I want is to write my story and let the pages speak for themselves in my life and in my mind because my life quickly became more than a chapter in a story.

PS: My Life Was Once a Story

My life was more until it became a dream and now it has more than a reality.

PS: My Journal I wrote to You: My Story of My Life ( part 9 )

Story of My Life

My story became lifeline that I counted on when I wrote the pages

You may have seen the secrets before I could reveal what was behind the curtain

But I decided to open my eyes to a brand new disguise and catching me in time

But seeing all of the steps it took to achieve my goals made practice become perfect and me another person.

PS: Story of my Life

The fragile heart

The story of my life filled the pages with many chapters that in the end created main characters.

The story of my life fell through the cracks

Like I was almost a broken glass that made me fragile

But my heart always knew that you were my secret pages of love

But now it fell through the glass

And I was waiting to see the results of a fragile heart.

PS: The fragile heart

The fragile heart that was missing the puzzle pieces to final story of life.