The Time You Loved The Rose Petals


The time I loved you and I was thankful to have known you and I still miss those days I was your best friend and even though now our lives may still be taken in a new direction where we still don’t know where anything in our life is going but we still try to live our lives as best as we can even though I still do think about you from time to time and miss you for as long as I can sleep and dream about you at night but time was never an issue of mine to keep from loving you and rather me obsessing on what might have been I have been instead trying to focus on the future even though I don’t really have an idea of where anything is going but I am still navigating my path and my life which seems to be flipping the switch on me and pulling me in all kinds of different emotions while I continue trying to write my stories and even though growing up for me in my twenties has been what you can make it because that just seems to be the name of the game and I can’t seem to shake the feeling sometimes that my life has a different plan for me that I no longer understand and do hope by anyone who reads this story can also relate to all of the feelings I have been feeling even though it is still all new to me and I have sometimes no clue to what I am doing I often or lately have learned to write what I love and not what everyone else wants but it can be kind of hard when you yourself know what you what you want but no one can seem to get on the same page as you and it almost feels to me like a lost story of rose petals that are filling their tears with nothing but thorns and while everyone else may seem to get all of the butterflies I feel like I am in left field not knowing where to go or what button to push in order cross the street once the traffic light changes colors from yellow to red and then red to green but I hope instead of seeing the stop sign I can feel like I am going towards the end of the road with the walking signal even though I may not have an idea where I can go.

Part 1: A quarter after midnight

He called her, “beautiful”, and he listened to the moon,

Who gave him the confidence to talk to the mysterious woman, who was the rose petal of his dreams, and so she began with the words, “I wish you a goodnight moon”.

A quarter after 12, she found, the crescent moon, watching her speak, watching her sleep, as she fell through every night, between him and her dreams, while tomorrow may come early.

She will always sleep to remember,

Her ever after in a dream,

For she could never forget a sight,

Quite so mysterious and her beauty.

Pick me apart just like a locket,

Write me your dreams, I only want to

Here you write about your dreams,

And how much you loved the sound,

Of how the waves used to only,

Sing at night, and while everything,

Would become so full of silence,

And we both would sit there for hours,

In the end, just writing about all of,

The spaces of the night we both,

Could no longer pretend to hide,

So please remember, why you left,

And how it hurt to see you go,

But fast asleep you always did go,

As your dreams of us seemed,

So set in stone, almost like there,

Was no time to say no, there was,

Just another chapter, you wanted,

To write, and that seem to fall,

Different than wanting to give up,

The light that held your soul,

And loved your heart,

More than it could show,

But thinking fair,

Was always a first,

And without seeing,

The open reflection,

Of the closed door,


Part 2: You held my hand

You held my hand, and you never,

Let go, for face to face, was,

Better for you to show, but,

When you looked away I never,

Said anything I just let you,

Leave as if it was a phone,

More than behind a screen,

So what I wrote only spoke,

To the heart that only had the,

Art of the lockbox.

Part 3: The Pink Rose Of The Sky

The rose of the sky

was so simple and pink

it could blossom as more than

what human nature things

for beings are much more than human

but a welcoming of the sunset

when it hits the stars

or even when it seems to bloom

as a simple pink rose petal.

Love may have had its way with words

but where is the fun

if the thorns don’t hurt

you still see love as so perfect

but to me it was always imperfect

as for my past self, she knew a thing or two about impulse love where she would be drawn in like a magnet without any fear and then it would all feel like a dream and before she could know what was happening it would all spill out like tea when she wrote the words she used to think about.

It was a love that gave her courage too

but she always fought her way through her feelings of being broken too

and having a photograph taken of her picture where the lights, camera, action, and crew never spoke again about the spotlight of the script for they knew it was more than what they had seen on stage that captivated the eyes of her attention.

She stole the heart

that was the moon

but he gave her back her soul

once she was left alone

in the great big world, she was scared of losing herself but she had a gift she could never admit and that was of words she could only write from her head.

It all seemed to carry me out

from the inside of the outside

I only saw myself falling in

behind the pictures that never cleared

because the lens was a blur just like the night she could no longer capture and it seemed to be a battle getting from here to there but night had filled her with the possibility of trying to get to where she wanted to be because she knew the young her would want her to follow her destiny and even though HighSchool may have gotten some of it wrong it all seemed to be right in the end wherever life would seem to guide her and it was more than just a dream she wanted to reach but an end of a story she only ever wanted to live but it seemed so far to reach from that deep within.

Could you see the twinkle in her eyes

once she met the end to where she lies

and even the thorns of the roses couldn’t keep up with her because she had gone from the past and reached the future that she still brings back to herself almost like she had some unfinished business with herself and that included finding a way to understand the past and want to move on to the future and she has but it still felt like to her that life was more than just a dream and to achieve anything you had to believe that the impossible you may have dreamed could become real any day of the week.

Some days to her seemed so short

she could just spend hours watching the sky

until it finally turned blue

but that gave her the window of tired eyes

while she still struggled to fall fast asleep

after waking up after midnight to dream

and then the next day she only hoped for a change and it may make her wonder why these things continue to happen to her and how she could chase her dreams after it being so long to achieve almost anything but life had always brought her back and gave her a second chance and yes she may have not been ready back then to do the impossible for her dream but she still carried that young minded girl inside of her even though now being a different age never seemed to phase her because she only ever touched the love of the girl who still fighting her way through HighSchool and life in general.

She may not know when the end will give her a go but in times like this if there was one thing she had learned it was to have faith that even if her dreams did not work out now just knowing that someday they would be knocking at her doorstep and asking her to open it so they too could step foot inside and come in if only she would let them come in otherwise her dream would always feel like it was sitting in a cupboard without any sunlight to water the flowers that made her bloom into roses and from that time on it all would continue to feel surreal to the way she had always felt.

The only light that could have ever been shown to her is the one that fell like stars from the ceiling of the sky and then into the clouds that was her bedroom filled with the moonlight that drew everything into a white blanket that covered her sheets with the heart of the story that was yet to be read and held to her like candlelight and made her fall into the grass a little brighter than where the flames came after being swept up like sand after hours while watching the sunset on the ocean of the beach.

You called and picked up the phone that night

never even left a message as soon as it felt more than right past the starting line of the race even when night seemed to fall past the point of the day.

You formed a spark that could never even die out but before the butterflies could ever fly it only happened as soon as the wings could cross the sky and felt the arms of the one she loved being wrapped around her like flowers of the petals butterfly blue eyes of the moon and skylight.

You centered the light that never dimmed

but played a role in who the story began to fit as worlds may have become apart from the reality that pushed her life like the stars that fell into the cracks and made them dawn but still she listened to the beautiful butterfly song.

She only kept on writing hoping it would lead to the start of who she ever was before and the one she thought that she had left.

She was covered in the moon

she looked at her skin that was covered with the prism colors of the light from the sun and it made her feel the warmth that covered her from head to toe and as flowers began to bloom as much as the eyes of the roses began to look at her and how much her eyes learned to love the beauty that touched her more than just the face of the moon or the heat of the sun.

If you ever found the other part of the colors that continued to draw me in from out of the blue that could just touch me like the memories I used to have and the memories that keep me alive.

I only saw my reflection behind

the moon of the curtain

that kept my shadow in my eyes

and my dreams inside of the heart of the moon through the veil that covers the moon of you.

Each petal covered my face

and kept me covered from

being blind by the moon

before the veil could expose from the curves that was the other half of my heart.

She continued to stare at the moon

Without any visibility from behind

Just being lost in the moment

Where the woods seemed so quiet and lost without any thought but kept the page as a photograph in her diary and only kept the presence of her past self to the future in the photo of lost time but being kept to herself close inside of her heart.

Skipping stones of the fireflies came like a waterfall of bright lights where the flames hit me like a light bulb that burned bright inside of the rivers where the clouds were only midnight blue but the bridge crossed to the other side down a hidden path that never seemed to look back.

But only the night could seek out her eyes

Behind the waters that seemed to fly only

Like the sunshine of fireflies that melted her heart and loved her until the end of the night when the sky only came as bright as it could shine.

I thought I was only lost without you

Before I could find you and then you came back into my life in a dream and I wanted to hold you close ever since and never let the memory of you go but only to come back to the life between us that we used to live only to say goodbye again but I still kept you in my thoughts and on my mind every day I could keep the memory of you and me alive for I would never let another moment ever pass through time or through the night where words seemed to be the truth of the real story.

I thought I was only lost without you

But you kept me inside of the life

That only reflected the mirror

Of the dreamer that kept the secret behind the scenes of the story of her life.

Between you and me

It was always on my mind

That through our dreams we seemed to have

All of the time in the world.

The flower touched the water

Made the moon her skylight

Where the hourglass only sparked the time

And loved the rain as soon it was mine

But kept the secret as close to my heart

As the rose petals cut cut through the water of the raindrops.

The present tense and the past tense

I was seen being inside of my room just conquering my thoughts as scrolled through my phone of videos and it was seen that I was remembering the stories that reached inside of my heart rose petals but keeping all of my heart inside of my heartbeat to fly like a girl who used to have a dream but the butterfly only seemed to keep me higher than being off the ground but what kept me fighting through life and reality was knowing that he was fighting for the same dreams as me and even though we may be different in how we both pursued everything it makes us human that we were both able to even accomplish anything that we couldn’t figure out inside of a chapter in our storybooks anymore but somehow it seemed that all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and we became more than just a dream of lost souls.

But coming back to all of the things right before I even got to kiss you and right before I even got to get lost in the dream of trying to love you and make love to you for the first time but was the time I couldn’t even count but to me, it was always a moment I wanted to go back to and that was because it included you.

You may have made love to me

Like I was the only girl in the room

And the only person in the world that was ever in love with you in HighSchool and it may have been more than I could ever be but to me, it was that I could ever love from the past to the present tense of my life.

Falling like a heart

Coming back to love

Like a tick tick of a clock

Where loving you was

Never about just the time

But the moments I could spend with loving just you.

From being with you in all that I love of you

Was more than words could come from within but life was never without any end it was the thoughts of my heart that everything feels like a past to present tense.

Part 4: He Fell For Her In Every Moment


He fell for her the moment he saw her at the __________. Fill in the blank and create a story.

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the bus stop.

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the center of his dreams.

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the start of HighSchool.

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the end of the night.

He fell for her the moment he saw her at the broken road of his life.

Part 5: Flying Back To You

Walking on water, it felt like me, the girl who was younger without any doubt, and her mind became her heart that she followed and never wanted to be torn into two separate lives one of the past and one of the future, but as she roamed the waters, she felt the water beneath her feet, splashing in every direction she then realized, the ocean was her home of the white crystal, around her neck like a locket or a necklace, but it only showed between the two worlds, as she knew she would come to see herself again, and so she asked herself, what she should do with her life? Should she just fall into the waters and forget the surface? Or surf on the waves and continue her path on earth until she found a way to make it all real? The answer was only told by her memory, and the hour of her dreams, but her past self told her the only way you could ever find that answer on what to do with your life, is just by continuing to take every next step of your life that you can, it may not all seem to happen soon, but one day it will you just have to be ready to not give up and take it, and that will be why you are feeling like all you are doing is walking on water.

Flying back to you, the way I used to love you and I still do, and even though we both embrace each other’s company it only makes me feel like I am inside of a dream with you. I just want you to know that everything you are to me is true and I would never even think about leaving you. Even when those times I felt I was going to lose you I always knew that through any city or any town you would find your way back to me.

Part 6: The Moon of You

The moon seems to look brighter every time, I look at you, it almost feels like it is caressing my skin like the sky, and naming me blue, like the waters of the ocean, that made the sunshine at night, the full moon of my dreams.

Dear G,

I love you even if you still love me and I always will no matter what. Life may continue to treat the simplest things in our life as giant stepping stones that may take us so many rainy days to reach, but through time and dreams we have both seen the value of keeping each other together and I may think that you are afraid of losing the precious thing closest to you, that may seem like years since you had her back into your arms but the feeling you get whenever you miss someone is how I felt when it seemed like I was losing a missing piece to the part of my life that I wanted to keep and you feel the same way lets me know how much you care and love me more than words could ever say and I know it may feel like we are both falling into quicksand but our thoughts will always keep us above water and then touched the surface once the drowning into the ocean was over but now we found land and put our feet back on land to walk through life like we knew what to do when it seemed like it was all over for a moment in time.

Part 7: The Moon Girl

She loved the fall of her leaves, which touched her inner soul, like the moon, that could only keep her stories out of reach as long as the moon, knew where to keep her stories inside of her heart, and made them a tattoo of her fallen moonlight of scars.

Dear K,

I only knew what I could ever feel for you even when it seemed like I was always losing you and coming back from what felt like level one with you pained me more than you could have ever understood but I knew that through it all you did love me because when I looked at you I saw just how much you cared for me and just how much you wanted me to make you happy and even though there were some rough patches in the road of life between us we still both managed to get through it all and face everything by giving life our all and may have seemed like life was a maze we could not figure out how to get out of but you made the paths so clear that fixing those little things between us seemed more possible than ever because I knew that you wanted more than a friend in me too and that was when I started to fall for you too.

Part 8: Falling Down from the Moon

Falling stars, that come like ash, in pixie dust, of touching the hands, that held the love of you, while you are waiting down the sky as I fall from the moon, into your arms, you are there to catch me like an umbrella from the sky.

PS: The Letter I wrote to You,

You came like the moon what was it like being with you, you always seemed to write me letters every day that I was with you in my dreams, you closed the world from your chamber of secrets and hid behind your heart almost like you were stuck inside of the words of your diary and that all seemed to start with the letter you wrote to me and the letter I wrote to you.

Part 9: Dear My Letter I Wrote To You

The heart was painted with the embrace of you and me, but altogether it formed like clay in a statue of my heart, where you and me, would be stuck like glue, just me and you.

Dear My Letter To You,

You captured me like a fishing net, you almost made me a mermaid but I stuck in the moon, only having the eyes for you, as love was a mere possibility at the time and a reflection of who you are that was mine, but none of which was the case without your love, that made me fall in deep with you, almost like you carried me out of the water and I chose to feel safe as you made your arms know their place and how to keep me secure even when I felt like crying to hold my tears from falling down but as I chose to dive deeper into the net I became your safety net.

Part 10: From a mile away, the space is closing in

The space between us from across the room feels like a fire has burned me down in closed walls where the two of us forget our presence and choose to leave the open spaces but my heart wants what it wants and it draws me closer within your arms and the birds on my window take flight as I stare up back at the trees looking at who was when I met you and seeing how much happiness time has passed with just being with you.

Part 11: The butterfly of my dreams

The space between us from across the room feels like a fire has burned me down in closed walls where the two of us forget our presence and choose to leave the open spaces but my heart wants what it wants and it draws me closer within your arms and the birds on my window take flight as I stare up back at the trees looking at who was when I met you and seeing how much happiness time has passed with just being with you.

The space may not have escaped from miles but has warmed my heart even about a hundred times before the moon has gone blue.

Part 12: Butterfly fly away

The butterfly flies away, the Butterfly spread its wings, Butterfly sees the light and starts to dream, but love was only found between the hearts of the two at night, but life between them could not be further apart from the truth.

Butterfly fly away, couldn’t ask anyone to stay without flying away, I only just want to move past the stop sign after the light instead of being stuck in traffic trying to find mine out of the only place that doesn’t touch my heart anymore and being that dreams are so close but seem so faraway touch me on the ground until I could not feel my feet and it all came crashing down like a ton of bricks in different pieces of my memories, where everyone thought I was confused and maybe even mistaken my own identity for someone else and the part no longer seemed to fit the character because she was no longer chasing just a dream she was also chasing butterfly wings.

Part 13: Distance of Love

The only distance that kept chasing me was the one that I found staring at me from across the room it almost came like petals of overdrive where my mind was no longer in private it only seemed visible to more than one person and out of fear I chose to close the book and look back at everything it took to finally be me I only became my self in a few ways were words were another voice but my fingertips were so inspired by my thoughts that looking away was like I was seeing a whole different place from the universe that made my reality but love was the only thing left of you and me and having the space to navigate our ways touched me like a petal that was fallen from a flower and into the underwater. Where the sea was the crystal of my dreams that hit me ever so often as I have fallen but he held up his end of the bargain and made our love only a secret to the mystery of love. But keeping it all inside seemed to be next to impossible in my eyes but love has never disappointed us before it just kept everything real like it was always there inside of a story of words.


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