An open book of empty dreams

A pocket in the clouds

The clouds began to meet I only wondered the same thing as time went on and the hourglasses have run out I knew that time was the only keeper of all of the waves and he held my hand which was special to me because it held my heart of me. I may have found the change to be scary but I just don’t want everything to keep switching up and even though I have my life settled in my dreams, in real life I still draw those empty blanks incomplete. I am sure that you feel it too like something is missing and a song fell out of tune, but that only felt so cold until I could no longer feel the warmth behind your shoulders, as my embrace of you grew quieter I only then knew that my feelings for became stronger and the more wanted to keep you close the more it felt like a dream that was becoming a reality, I know I have been dealing with real-life situations and you have been dealing with certain things as well but I just have to know will our dreams ever fall into place or will we just remain an open book of empty dreams?

The life of the real became dull after the flowers

The flowers which only carried the petals of me came into my life without any hesitation, even when it felt like everything in my life had stopped with time, but the dreams kept my life alive, and that was when starting my own writers blog became the real dream, and now all that is left is to share my story. We may wonder why our dreams take so much time, I wonder the same question in my mind as well, one that I wish one day I had the answer to, and if I did I think, I would become more than an open book of empty dreams.

The more they started to feel real and not just a dream

The more my dreams started to feel real, it was almost like I could feel everything in my heart becoming what it was meant to always be, and nothing could ever break it apart from what I had believed. The more I started to manifest my life and start to create something worthwhile I found a story to keep me on my toes and write the words that seemed to be less spoken, but more of a life story. You wished more than anything to love someone more than just a secret, where everything in our minds became real almost like we were seeing everything with open eyes for the very first time. The dreams of us became real and more as we continued to think about the life that has become more than just a memory but a glimpse into the future that will always be more to the dreams of you and me.

The key to my heart

You found the key to my heart,

You unlocked the doors,

Before I could even open the gates,

As you broke down the walls,

You came into my dreams like a wave,

That brushed up against the clouds,

Where the sand of you took my hand,

Gestured me up and out of the water,

Where I came face to face with the night and the moonlight. 

A Rose to Love for

A rose that touched your heart,

Embodied your arm from up to down,

Came into the skin like ink,

As the needle brushed up and down,

The sleeves of your arm to the elbow of your wrist and down to the bottom of your chest,

You continued to love more than you could let go and instead you left me with the suspense of the embrace of your feeling down my breath,

As the petals never went away or stopped catching the thorns that were burned inside of the flames and only loved more than the petals could ever speak but as words would have it their love was more than just a story of an open book of empty dreams.


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