The earbuds of the book

The earbuds of the book, where you are so focused into every chapter just to see how the story will end, that you just begin to tune out the rest of the world without even forgetting your own inner dialogue. Where you rather read the words written down on the page than come to the realization that your life is a story, where you wish that you could take the place of the main character instead of living your own phase of reality. You took the words right out of my mouth once you invested yourself in every chapter, where the stories I had come across to write, have been from my heart without ever thinking twice, I may still at some moments in time experience a writers block of no words to say and that is being my stories don’t catch the words before I begin to write them, except for when I am thinking them out loud in my head. I may type in the words too fast before they flee my brain before I wrote them down, but sometimes the clouds in my brain draw a blank page. Where the earbuds in my heart are writing the exact same language of how to tell the time of the world.

You only spoke before you could turn off your music and zone out the world before you have to turn off your phone and then when your battery gets low your earbuds click off on the phone. But you wish you could keep them on longer but you know that within yourself before you could keep reading to the end of the story your earbuds are going to have to charge, I bet you wish that sometimes the earbuds were the book that wrote your heart.

I may seem like a book worm before the story ends,

So that I could have a chance to read when the story,

That resonates with my life,

Will end in reality or the present?

But, there is one chapter I haven’t gotten to read yet and that is what happens in the future of my dreams?

You may come to see everything but the other half of the story.

You could only reach as far as the cord,

That once connected you and the music,

But now you have a wireless Bluetooth,

That follows you around in your ears with one touch of a click,

Then you are fully connected,

And then you press play and allow the earbuds to become your music.

If you trade a life for another reality what would it be? Would it be where you could stop time? Or would it be where you make your heart your mind?

You may see life as reading every chapter until you could get to the end,

But I prefer reading the lines to see where the story of my life actually began the first time,

But it was just yesterday my story changed with a blink of an eye.

Before you even know the ocean feels the drop of the sea,

Before you could even touch the surface,

With just one flip of a switch and a dolphin kick.

The voices I heard when I first formed the words,
I looked over at the car door window,
And observed an open book,
Of earbuds,
Waiting to be finished,
Chapter by chapter,
Before the ending of the book.


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