Take it all Away

Take it all away

Never leave my love from the stars that brightened up the light from the story that caught you in my arms and the only dream you think of in real life of us as you imagine all of the possibilities and you never took any of it for granted you just loved me in life and in my dreams without ever questioning the ending of where life took us in the end of the story.

Take it all away

You always saw the last candle light of the roses pass by every single flower of the petals and from the voices that came from up above you only started becoming the last story of what it meant to be an us.

Take it all away

No matter what life brings us,

Nothing can break us apart,

Because you know that the dream is true,

All I ever wanted to do was to be with you,

Once the sun never rained,

As the autumn of the leaves,

Caught the moonlight skies,

As you dreamt of me everyday and night,

But capturing the stars that led me to the light,

Only sparkled like a light within my dreams of you and me.

Take it all away

Never let each hour see us as being apart,

But coming together,

No matter how far we came,

And led me into the light,

As we looked into the mirror,

And saw my reflection on and on,

Like a light switch in the dark.

Take it all away

From the night to the moment of dawn,

As the moonlight came from outside of the dark,

But coming to me hit me like a spark in my eyes of life.

Take it all away

Coming back to the life,

We always had dreamt of,

In our dreams where one day our hearts will meet,

And I do think about us everyday of the week.

Take it all away

From the moment we came into the presence one another,

Then we met we didn’t know each other quite yet,

Be we came to the conversation of us two and then we got to know each other.

Take it all away

Then bring it back to us,

Like a dream,

That was caught in the stars,

Where only you could see the real one of you and me.

Take it all away,

Like a butterfly with wings,

You had my heart and gave it to me,

And you only kept the dreams that wrote the stories entry.

Take it all away,

Ever far we stayed in and out,

Came the clouds of the light,

While we were both no longer,

Sleep and sound.


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