Loving me into the blue moon

Loving me into the blue moon, of how I once looked when I saw you, and they told me it was nice this time of year, where it was fall and the rose petals only told the story of the love that was between you and me but down from fall, you had made a girl who loved the stars, and brought hope from each of the passing moments way down from the sky, as long as we have loved through the night, it only calmed. But as the lights went out I started falling fast and out of time, for when you began to look at me, I only saw what I keep as quiet care of the dreams that whispered how much love there was meant to be, and when you closed your eyes, you began to feel as past as the light that only called to me, but each and every night I saw the light as it shined from the sky, but once you took it for granted and left me in the spark of the magic, I knew that one day we both had to rekindle our spark, but as life would have called we reached fate as the moon was deep as blue with the rose petals of me and you.

Loving me into the autumn

Loving me into the autumn as time went phased and we began to learn each other’s name,

but as the summer of us caught the light,

it all passed me like an autumn of the night,

where all the time felt like it had stopped but I had came as fast,

as before the petals had broken off the stem.


Into the night of the sunflowers,

I only caught the wind as the petals kept on falling,

but catching you was not worth letting go of the sunflowers.

The locket of the moon of secrets

You chose to keep the moon a secret,

but the heart was kept shut inside of a locket,

but only the secrets could catch the love,

that was once a photograph inside of a scrapbook of pages,

without any caption,

just the love that was shared between the two souls of him and I.


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