The leaves will finally fall with August

When the leaves fall I still think about you and whether that time of day will come when we both won’t feel pushed to make a move and I know that all love will take time to happen and I am willing to wait until then where we can feel more than one heart beating for just the both of us. I still do think we will get our chance at love one day and even though that day may not be exactly today I know that if we both want to test the waters instead of rocking the boat with the rain, the leaves will finally fall with august.

I know that getting close to you back then and opening my heart like you began to do with me too, was because you loved me too, even though you wrote the stories in your heart as a closed book, when I began to get close to you because no matter what I gave you my heart as I began to love you too.

You chose to live life on the back loop

You chose to live life on the back loop,

even though life and love was hard to navigate it was still the chance we both chose to risk,

but that was only when it came to love as we both looked into each others eyes,

but I knew that you showed even though you had a hard time showing your feelings,

I knew within myself what words of you were true and what was a dream,

but even if it felt like we were living life on the back loop nothing ever could break the petals that loved you.

Breaking the petals could never be apart from love

Breaking the petals could never be apart from love,

even though giving your heart was hard to love than to let go,

even though I still wished a number was in place to match the face of the name,

I knew through all we went through to navigate to this point and get to this place in my life,

where love was an option to happen between us,

and once I could open up that door to the heart of you and me,

I still do know that you will prove that you are serious about the love that you want to treasure between you and me,

so no matter what happens you will always have your heart to be with me,

and never let go of what felt real between the two of us and inside of the story that wrote our dreams,

but facing life together through all that we have came into and got through,

you would always be the love that could never break apart the rose petals.

The other half of what you knew of the moon

You got the moon to love the other half of who you could be,

but the universe knew the answer that could only have came from the voices of between you and me,

but I know that the night will happen slowly without ever rushing past the moonlight,

but seeing both the roses and the petals through the love that the moon and me carried throughout the night,

only shaped my heart as love could never remain faraway.

The lock box of secrets between the undying love of blue moon and rosy red

You could never let go of the truth,

no matter how hard you had to unlock the puzzle piece,

behind the locked door,

where only the rose petals of the moon could grow with the thorns,

but that became the locked box of undying love secrets,

between the blue moon and rosy red.

Loving you before I could look back and love you

Loving you before I could look back and love you,

but facing love with you ever step of the way,

could never stop me,

from falling for the midnight of the blue moon.

Seeing the skies even though it was never painted blue

Seeing the skies even though it was never painted blue,

but capturing the night for what i ever felt you,

and only ever got close to the feeling of keeping the love,

and the music between you and me,

even though the lyrics of the moonlight,

were already love letters from me to you.

Keeping skies as loud as the thunder

Keeping the skies as loud as the thunder,

from I heard when we first got together,

and I know that you adored me from afar,

until you got the courage to come and talk to me,

we both did get to know each other,

and then it was more,

but we chose to keep as a friendship because we both didn’t want to date each other,

until it was the last second.

The Heart Strings Played as a Violin of Hearts

You may have kept the strings attached to the heart,

as you play the notes on the violin,

and singing the rose petals of love,

that could keep the heart strings close to the notes.

You only loved the music of the keys

You only loved the music,

as much as you could touch,

the time clock once you hit the hour of the midnight love,

where fantasy was not just a word we call dreams,

but we also made the letters of love a mystery.

You may have wandered off into the blue of the moon

You may have wandered off as soon as you hit the blue,

but the magic of the dreams,

only hit the sunshine of the night,

as you held my hand so that fear was not a part of the dreams language,

but that love was a heart you could find through the moonlight,

of the music’s unwritten chord.

The dreams that catch my heart

The dreams that filled the unightly sounds of what brough the two souls blue moon and rosyred together but as they paved through the life’s obstacles to stay connected by their hearts in just an open book of their dreams where both of their passions were the only way in the beginning of the dream life where the only way for them to show their love languages of physical touch along with receiving gifts and making an artistic of words of affirmation for his love and only one but most of all gathering the courage to tell her and show her that he was for real and not going to let his stubborness ruin his chances at happiness when he deep within himself that she felt the same way as him and was able to make the first move to show that she was telling no lies when it came to love even though at first she may have broke his trust until she came clean and admitted the truth but now there are more locked secrets of love between the both of them, Can they unlock the key of love to their undying secrets of romance for each other or will the blue moon and rosy red remain a story of words and songs of love lyrics?


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