Until the end, my blue moon, your rosy red

Until the end, you captured the wings, to set my love free from my dreams as you began to calm with my problems in my mind, catching the light before it turns dark, inside of the mind that plays the notes in my mind, and playing the piano of the rose petals, where the notes hit the ghost that only speaks in whispers of a mystery.

Until the end, you could see the ending as the story of us became near to the finale of our lifetime movie romance, and as the scenes of us became black and white, it then turns into color as time goes on, and even though we wish for more to stay in the present we still yearn to jump start to the future.

Until the end, you never left the light in the sunlight, but as the waves became calm in the night, then the moon only sparked your whispers in the sand of the heart shaped gems of the moonlight.

Until the end, you sparked the pages, as you wrote every word one day at a time, but you decided that in my dreams the storybook of words would not be a closed book, but that it was written by you and me.

Until the end, you could see the stars of us, as I typed the words that only lessened my fears of what the universe held for us next, as time played us like notes on a piano, and counted the minutes as we kept our embraces as the past moments, of what became as wishful thinking inside of a jar of our hearts.

Until the end, I only spoke to you like the moon, that I loved of you, and only whispered into my ear, as you sang the words of love to me, and made every moment in our dreams feel real, and never lessened the photographs memory as we looked at the lock screen photo of us two.

Until the end, undercover was the mask of the petals, as the moon became our mirror of unbroken petals, and the roses of the unsettled words that were never said, only made me wait the two years, to see the ending.

The last of the rose petals

The last of the rose petals,

only took my heart by roses,

and gave me the moon to put together the pieces of the puzzle,

that began to make out the photograph,

of the vintage blurred lines of the past,

that only became a memory.

The last of the rose petals,

were unbroken by glass,

and covered by a glass slipper,

as the fairy tale never became just a dream.

The last of the rose petals,

only became a moonlight dreamer,

of the memory that continues to play scenes in my mind,

but it only took one day at a time,

to see the words that became uninvisble,

from the ink of the unwritten letters of love from the last of the rose petals.

The last of the rose petals,

that made my high school stories,

a fantasy romance,

of the prom of a magical moonlight we never had,

until we both took guesses of the empty spaces in our minds,

and what the reunion of us in ten years would look like.

In the same universe of our dreams

In the same universe, you think of me,

and you never forgot the dreams of the human being that I used to be,

and then you fell into love,

where fast and hard only remained slow until you were ready to take that next step,

and fulfill our dreams at the same time of dreaming of the future from the past.

In the time of the dreams,

that went into my clock of hours,

but the midnight,

chose to chase the dreams,

of the life to live.

In the world,

of uncertainty,

where your dreams found the answers,

of reaching the certain answers,

until the end.


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