Until the next fall, my rose petals, your BlueMoon

You still caught the fall,

Before the moon,

Was able to close the hidden chapter of us two,

But you still loved me just like you used to,

In your embrace of us two,

But you caught me in a dance,

That loved a little too much,

Before I left the moonlight of your once beginning,

behind the night that fell into the hidden moonlight.

You only saw the life as what it used to be,

But as you could see the story from behind all of the words,

It became our dreams just by looking into the pages.

My stories only of you,

Could catch the words of us,

Just by looking at the empty glass of the hours,

That changed through time,

As the storybooks caught the moonlight of my dreams.

You never passed the chance,

To comfort me when I needed your presence,

To stop me from crying without tears,

Or from telling me that you loved me as much as I could ever say without words.

I only saw the moon,

As the sparks have flown through the sunlight,

And once the flames had sparked out,

You saw my world as a storybook,

As soon as it lite up my life,

And made a scrapbook of my life stories.

You loved me as the first,

Kept my heart as close as a secret,

Never let anyone feel me more than you could,

But it all seemed like a phase that was passing,

but it was more that meant the same as quick as it left me.


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