Nothing ever felt right until it was never just easy

Nothing ever felt right until it was never just easy but you made everyday seem like chasing a dream that was no longer just complete, and I wrote down every word like it was a memorization of the lines I was trying to learn, but just like the one’s we used to be I only loved the girl who sat next you at the students desk across the row that was only spaces below and between the heart that would never let you go but the only one of me that was crying tears of dreams of never just seeing past the seas of all the raindrops that could form the oceans of the sand, but loving was more than raindrops behind my rosyred.

More than just a spark, you really found a way to capture my heart, but I had never fallen for someone so quickly let alone the dream life out of reality I wanted to be and finally coming clean and finally catching the surf that I thought would let me go with the tide but I only ever grabbed the end of the board to the shoreline and having to paddle past the words that I could not speak next to the stars where I could fall as bright as the cliffs but catching the hurricane as the clouds could never speak but letting my tears come as a mask of the pain that real life has caused me through the only black hole that swallows me in but you seem close enough to keep the secret from inside of the words as the petals only flowed right out from under me but underneath the moonlight I wanted to call my ex best friends and talk to them about the situation that stabbed my heart in two but I could never come to just the source that called me out and under but only catching the waves as I felt like I wanted to touch the skies and the keyboard of letters as I cried out every word that I have just written down but that each and every word only shaped the real me and I may not know where my journey that started as waterfall raindrops will show in the desert of the sky that I only lived by in the sky, and I know that you see me hurting too with you in my dreams and how I have tried to make a future but it is just on pause until I hit resume and after working on my dreams almost my whole life for only the safety net of my words to catch me as I have fallen but you chose to never have me lose the pain or get carried by the burden that only took me away but I still had a heart that had a hold on me and that only shaped my heart as the moonlight could speak through the rose petals but was behind the heart of the rosyred and the bluemoon of us again but let us never forget the heart that spoke these words but cherish the moments that we no longer had after and even if the pain could unlock the keys of my heart again and set me free like a butterfly, but I never got to fly, I only walked away as far as the wings of my feet could hold me as I began to cry but still remained me and never seemed to let the pain of the past control me but leaving me inside of the heart that still wrote the same stories.

This week continues to catch me like a blur, where my eyes could only see them as blue,

where two wrongs could ever make it right,

but once someone turns on the light in the dark,

then the puzzle piece of life comes all together and into a picture worth a thousand words of life.

You can see the light past the world,

where life continues to catch you in a heartbeat,

and chases you back to the chapter,

that only holds the beginning,

and catches your mind and breaks the waves,

as the ocean begins to catch the rift,

as you stay in the riptide.

You may feel like all of the walls are closing in,

but once you get past the hurt,

you can only carry the rose petals,

that make you breath,

and see past the lightning of the blue eyes.


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