Flying past the butterflies

Flying past the butterflies,
Don’t want to sink,
Don’t want to move,
Just letting the dreams passed by me like an ocean, filled with waves.
Flying past the butterflies,
I only saw the magic of the world,
And the dreams I was chasing,
As the moonlight of the night,
Kept me waiting,
Through the heart.
That loved me more than I could bear to see,
Where past the skies,
You held the heart of love for me,
To fly like a butterfly.
Flying past the butterflies,
You kept me up at night,
While I only waited to fall asleep,
And you only had the same feeling,
As you stayed awake after midnight,
And you couldn’t sleep either,
Passed the first sky of the moon,
Of your eyes.
Flying past the butterflies,
You caught the same moon,
As the story I only wanted to write of you.


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