Diary Entries Part 2

The life is more than a dream

The life is more than a dream
The life that makes you more than just a dream and a story that only hits your life once every time you turn to take me for a dance and to make the moment last forever and never let just a minute or a moment seem to falter like the stars that make the universe a reality and not just a dream where the story is more than just words but who actually lives in the moment and never seems to forget what has changed or what has left inside of the daylight.
You almost see life as if it could only pass as black and white but life has now filtered into colors and now when the pictures look through a kaleidoscope of lenses comes as bright and not just as black and white.
You could never just face the night without falling before you let the light catch the sky but you chose to look me through the lens that only captured my picture frame in a photograph but you chose to never let the light blue leave behind the roses with the moon of the heart that touched the waters and the waves as long as you held onto the dreams of you and me as more than life could put the truth before reading it all in black and white.

You never forgot the wish that was made

You never forgot the wish that was made
You never let me forget the wish we both had made underneath the stars of the great fall where the glass was the sky and we were just the hidden moonlight behind the eyes that could never tell lies or keep secrets hidden in the dark without a single word to utter but coming with just a story that could complete the final words.
You never seemed to forget those days we both made into memories until it became a reality inside of an unspoken dream.
You always told the stories as if you were here writing down every phrase or word and that only sparked in me the ink of the phrases that I wrote down in my diary.


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