The Footsteps to Your Love


I know when each moment in time it feels like it is right and each word that thinks of every feeling you start to pull into the universe that makes me believe in things that I can only imagine as real where the waters of the glass would be the footsteps of where the shore and ocean would meet but the footsteps could only hold enough water as soon as my tears of you washed away and I know that you dream of me like you are playing diary and writing in your journal, but each day and every story that I wrote is of you where my life feels like it is holding onto the footsteps of patience, where if you held the moon in my eyes and caught like a fairy inside of a fairyland but you chose to pause the play before the pressed the button again and caught the wind of the petals that never caught the ocean of the stems that made me into a picture of a portrait that took away the water from the colors of the brush and canvas that I used to paint as loving you, but back then you were my blue wolf and now you are my blue moon.

A change in heart, A change in chapter

You chose to never talk until you caught the magic that could be the switch that turned the lights off and then become the moonlight of the night that spoke with lips of a whisper that could only keep me in secret from your love and then the flashback of the night began to change the outcome and I was already thinking about the future, but for me and you we are still living in the present until we both reach the future and then we become more than our dreams could meet with reality.
You make the dreams feel like it is a possibility to live, where each and every step we take is just another footstep to our dreams, and once we complete the journey it won’t feel so far as getting to the destination.
My heart held a chain around the heart,
before I could let my guard down,
and keep up the love that I thought would save me,
but keeping in my heart that met the love that never lies,
and that is what changed in the chain in my heart.

Choosing the way not the date we can love

You love to say when but you never chose the date and instead we both are waiting until the time is right and now we are just heading towards our dreams without ever stopping but as we still are never giving up and we still keep on trying there will be nothing we can’t do except just keep going and never letting anything stop us from winning the fight that allows to achieve the dreams we are trying to accomplish and that is getting to the future of my dreams with you.
You always have the words inside of the artistic canvas,
but painting the picture was my clear vision and imagination of the dreams,
that made life look an outside manifestation of, the future and it only led me to you.


The love of us,
was a swing of new beginnings,
and a summer and fall of new endings.

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