The thoughts that write my life

Sitting down by the lake in my own thoughts

Sitting by the lake you already saw the ocean as you landed by the freeway past the petals where the clouds ended by the moon and then it all came like a moonlight dream past the sunset and cried into the raindrops of the sky as you came to my arms to say goodnight but catching your breath just turned into the air of the leaves that passed right through the trees but sitting by the secluded created the illusion of where the art lies so does the feelings of where we are connected by the future that will never leave me but only come to fall as if it is behind the frame that never falls or breaks like the petals after the rain of the river begins to fall past the light of what made the change into the start of the summer that caught the light after it started to fall in and out past the point of where the clouds and the blue skies came to break apart from the clouds.

You sat by the river inside of the silence that made the noise seem so quiet you just wanted to enjoy the scenery before the moment was gone and you had to just stare at the waves as the clouds were dimming down from behind the clouds.

Closed doors and open chapters

Looking farther than the closed doors that have to open up to enter into the world that shows us a brand new adventure of beauty where the ocean would meet the skies that started the story before the last moment of the sun.

Moment of thought

You were my first moment without thinking twice it was like your breath was the only heart that was becoming mine and you may be beginning to think what happened was the past and now we have the future to look forward to instead of always having to look back before everything begins to move forward.

Moment of thought

The moments keep me falling at least where my heart is going and then I look back and see how much the past has changed but also where I am in the present that circles back to where I feel more than I could say.

The moments have never stopped the time from before the time has changed from before to now.


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