You held me in the heart that was more than a dream

You held me inside of a dream where there was no echoes of sounds but a heart that began to have a hold on me where you and me where the start of something that felt like it was brand new but that each passing moment felt like a new chapter in the roses of the moon.
In the roses of the moon,
I fell for you,
It almost was a dream,
Where life only continued to match my heart,
Like a long lost story,
But no words could ever engage in the chapter,
Except to believe that their words held more power,
Than with magic through the blue of his eyes and through the wings that were his butterfly.
In the roses of the moon,
You gave me a heart,
I began to fall for you,
Before the label was given,
I only wanted to be closer in my heart than apart from you,
And that felt like a dream,
Or just the roses of the moon love story.
In the roses of the moon,
You captured my light,
You made me feel brighter than the other half of me,
Where sentences in the words were not the only ones that could form stories,
but that made it more than just a love story.
In the roses of the moon,
Played by ear almost like I could hear my thoughts,
Calling out to you in a heartbeat,
And then I wrote all of my thoughts I was thinking,
Inside of a story.


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