Kiss in the rain

A kiss in the rain,

flushed cheeks on my brain,

coming to the a.m.

not sure when I will be able to say when

you caught me in deep

hit me like a current sea

and then batted the senses

until I was ready to be wished

and kissed

for the first time

it was more than just a diary.

A kiss in the rain,

held your love like I was waiting,

coming into the room,

waiting for everything to happen

between me and you

until it was the coming of the new season

and into the night

we were in love before our hearts were beating.

A kiss in the rain

You were gone before I got to see your face

You made look like a memory in my dream

But your heart was my whole

And I just wanted the dream

The dream of you

The one that holds me when I am cold with you

But all I want to do is be warm

Before you were gone.


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