The girl who played the music, she found her roses on her violin

The girl who played the music, she found her roses on her violin, and with all of my love, that could have broken my circle, I finally found the voice in my heart to speak, and through the notes of the music, it only was my diary of words that became my stories of love. The only chapters that ever felt complete where the ones of the storybooks are my words that never fail to change the notes like a verse, where creativity became my last resort. The life has never became just a way to unlock my heart even though a story was never anything other than poetry but writing all of the thoughts that could speak my mind made me feel like a transparent violin. The girl of the violin never had a name she was just an unkonwn character inside of a story that made the life of a dream into the main character. The last of the life never caught a dream it only ever changed my life before I could see the other side of the story.
The girl who played the music, where she found the roses that became more than thorns of petals on her violin, that only held her romance through the love languages of life. She only chose to make the images of the sunset that never had to catch the wish but through the skies through the blue of the night where the moon only was behind the night of the rain where love was not hidden by just a one person’s game. The heart could only love as far as anyone could speak but as much as anyone’s heart could beat but faster than anyone could make a heart complete.
The girl who played the music, changed the beat as soon as the notes changed the sounds of the violin and the music that began to spark the romance between you and the one who had your heart the whole time. The only stories that wrote the ending to the chapters of the storybook. She was the one who changed the violin of the music and the rose petals.
The girl who played the music and found the voice to speak
and without the words had came from the heart
until the dream unlocked the stories.
Fly away my flower,
You will always be in my arms,
Where my thoughts will lie,
And leave the petals behind my eyes,
Loving you was my heart,
As well as the flying away of the flower,
That was my last words of the day.


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