My Life Diary: Staring into the stories of my diaries

Staring into the dark
Right into my stories
Knowing what every page has to say before I even write down the words to my life diary.
You chased all of my stories into the night before they got away and just like the roses they bloomed within a night of the day and then the light came on the very last day.
Feeling alone in every space of the day
Where the spaces of mind
Are not being filled in
But the words of my life are the stories that have caught me in the night
Of my dreams that fill in the blanks
Between all of the lines.

Wanting you close to me more than just a kiss but feeling your touch like no one else you have let come into your arms and I know that time is what we need to make our life what we want just like in our dreams and what life has in store for us is still very unknown but as for you and me there is no connection like an embrace from the two of us or the chemistry that felt the same and not apart from the words of the chapters inside of the stories that never pulled me apart from kissing you in my dreams but as you think of me everyday and speak to my present self during the day and dream of me as if I had never left your mind or your thoughts of how you wanted your life.
You began to come into my thoughts loving me beautiful blue eyes and moonlight roses with all of your thoughts like a rain storm in a beautiful summer day even though it is fall and rainy and the blue skies of gray seem to be a fall season dream.
Wanting to kiss you goodnight and being wrapped into your arms like you could never let me go or fall in love with my heart more than just my personality and how you never cared about what I wore or how I looked but you only loved me with action instead of just words and that was the story of the dream we wished we could.
After all of the ups and downs we have come through all of it and made our way stronger than ever before.
Empty pages seems like forever
Before I could ever get passed a run on sentence but before I could fill up the pages with nothing but words as for now it is my dreams that are telling the stories to come.

When I loved it was because I loved you too and the thought of leaving was like me missing a part of you that was once a part of me that was loving the you and me and even though we were not a song I would have loved to hear the story that was written on the radio of us.
Where every lyric was of you and me and the words of you and could not tell any lies because you and me fell in love with rose petal and blue eyes.

Sitting with my thoughts alone in the dark while catching the light passed the sunset blue eyes and racing past the clouds just to see the other side of where sky falls.


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