Scattered thoughts

Feeling like I am stubbling above the waters 

And seeing the skies begin to turn black as the night 

But my thoughts still regert back to you waiting for the 

day where I can finally talk with you but it seems like we 

are still talking in silence in real life and all I want to do is

talk with you face to face instead of avoiding the street to 

drive down past your house and I feel like if you were 

going to make a move and talk with me even though I 

know it must hard considering we do not know each 

others snapchats but wouldn’t you think that someone 

who loves you with their whole heart would do anything 

it takes to be with that person? And I know we can only 

talk to each other through our dreams right now but 

sometimes I want to find you and it is still so hard to like 

nothing ever seems to be the right time and I am left 

typing my own thoughts in my stories because I cannot 

talk to you in person and that is leaving me directionless.



  1. Eugenia · November 12

    Beautifully written poem of hope for your true love. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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