Out of sight, Out of Mind

Out of sight, where do I look, you got me feeling like I am a fish on a hook,

but I am with a heart that was crying and filling the chapters again with storytelling,

and even though these lines of poetry might seem annoying,

it is all that I am thinking,

and today,

I took a quiz,

it was all about the brain,

it was psychology,

and I was really confident about the grade,

I said yes today is the day I will get an A,

but all of that changed and I had in the back of mind I would fail,

and guess what I did,

and after staring the computer screen that laid the grade,

my eyes were blurred and I could not see the world anymore,

It was like my mind wanted to erase the now impending voice that says everything will be okay,

But I do not believe it because how can I think it and how can this voice tell me it,

when am going through this hard time in my life,

that no one understands or can see,

and maybe it was not the time or the test,

maybe it was just me,

and like another writer had mentioned with a poem labeled “Overdue” by @Graceofthesun

Where sometimes we feel like if we do not do it now,

then we will run out of time.

So, I just wanted to say thank you, Grace for inspiring me today, and letting me realize there is someone else who cares, because out

of all the friends I could message on Instagram there was only one that came through for me today, and that was someone not on

social media, so thank you again, and I hope that everyone has a blessed day.


Rockstar Girl


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