In over my head

Feeling dappled under pressure 

Not sure who cares and who doesn’t 

Why must we be caught up in tough decisions 

For if we say no 

Why must it be yes 

If there is a time 

Where the sun is not shining yellow 

Why do I feel like the clouds are rolling in 

And I am in the middle 

I would ask others if they were in my shoes 

What would they do 

They would probably say 

Why all the back and forth 

Just say yes or no 

I feel almost angry 

And conflicted 

Who would be on my side to understand 

Would someone call me selfish 

Or just human being at heart 

Feeling like scrambled eggs 

Where the water in the pan could boil any second 

If you were me how would you feel to be me?


  1. Eugenia · 20 Days Ago

    Thought-provoking piece, Rockstar Girl. Sometimes a yes or no response won’t resolve a situation. Think the situation through before answering.

    Liked by 1 person

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