Stay the same or change the moves

We evolve through our life and then we ultimately decide if we want that to be our life and throughout many stories I have tried to seek out other chapters but it was hard for a while to know what I really wanted did I want something more with the guy I called my best friend and was he the one for me and that was something I always had suspected but I never found out the truth behind that message and if he was worth the chemistry we both felt in high school trouble was he had a hard time making a move and showing me that he wanted to get to know all of me and throughout high school we both had seen each other every day of the week but sometimes when needed we both took space from each other until we realized our path in life after being caught up in certain things we could not get out of and yes he may be writing in his journal about me and trying to piece together where he went wrong about the old me and to see if he could find a connection and find me on social media but the trouble is I do not know his old usernames and it can be very complicated to know about him and the nicknames he has used in the past and some I did try it was hard to know if that was him and seeing if he would make a move and actually find me was I will admit a big gamble to follow and I know that finding someone on the internet is no easy process but I had to wonder if he was going to back to his old ways and be the stubborn person he always was with me but I still do love him even if he does not know it and I was looking for him through the internet too just to see if he evolved from the person he used to be and yes he may have through his looks but his personality I would have to test the waters on that one and see if getting to know him we would be sharing the same connection but the chemistry between was always there for fact and we went through many opportunities to get to know each other but we only made it through the walk with each other just to really know one another and there may have more opening up about me than him but that is just the way he was and that was reservation of him I had to get used to and many often wondered what type of man are you looking for and that is something I never was able to make a list of but to me the qualities I am looking for are: honest, loyal, puts me first, treats me with respect, makes a move, right intentions of love, and most of all loves me like I am the only one in this world.



  1. Eugenia · 18 Days Ago

    Amazing writing and keep looking for those qualities you mention, Rockstar Girl. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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