Kiss My Rose By The Moon: Keep on dreaming, the fairytale life never-minded me anyway

Keep on dreaming even though I think the world is like a fairytale I still tend to get lost in my own thoughts not seeing eye to eye being closed up in the stories I cannot seem to put in words but when I take out a notebook and a pen I begin to write my thoughts as I ponder on what I thought was going to walk by and see me dreaming of what I thought was not going to be seen but then I saw the end come to a conclusion as I wrote the last line hitting the note as I read the last lyrics of the song but I zoned out and typed it out in my mind hoping I could save space for the rest of the day as time may have went and came into contact with my thoughts I just kept on dreaming anyway even though it seems like the fairytale of life never minded me anyway.



  1. This is lovely. Did you forget to add your syllabic form to your prose? I bet a cinquain would look great with this piece. 🫶🏻

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