Better sorry than safe, I tried to hide in my journal and dreams of letters to stories

Through the synchronization of the melodious skies that have reached the dreams from the high that hit the skies like a meteor of stars but for me it was more a cosmic dream one where I could see the face of you in the clouds each time I think where manifestation controlled the outcome but to me it was more of a sacral thought in mind but me writing stories of you became a time capsule in real life where I could one day share and look back on as a memory when I spoke to you in words of silence but you read back the words of me through the journals of us were you had to answer questions of me and you and sometimes it would be hard to do but in the end you knew deep down the end result would be worth the waiting for even though your mind and words feel like you are going to drown inside and out of the dream and real life.


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