For me + you: Love Part 2: Took us long enough

Took us long enough to find out what made us wait so long and not do anything about it except wait and see what was to come
Almost like we were fighting taking time and it almost slipped away through our hands just like quicksand where one minute it’s there and the next minute it’s gone
But I hope we can find a way to have both time and patience instead of sides of the story where one is telling the other how to dream of all the possibilities and living by our own personalities
But I hope there is no more time wasted or taken for granted because it took us long enough to find us and realize what we wanted together was happiness and if only it was that simple but we will find a loophole but it seems like we haven’t gotten to that level of the game yet if only we had a jumpstart or something to follow but it all seems crumbling down and now we are fighting our way out
I only wish the fortune had it clear in the crystal ball of our dreams and so that everything between us could become a reality but there is not much more to say other than I hope this day will be the day and you asked me if I have prayed and yes I have but I am more concentrated on finding my own way that way you know I have my life together but it seems I have missed the solvent to this mystery of life because it took you long enough to find the time.


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