For me + you: Love Part 2: The way I want to be when I am being me

A picturesque voice for a girl who chased the dream of finding love between two soulmates which was a boy she met in HighSchool who is now a man and she has hoped he has grown up into something more but how could she know when she hasn’t even seen him in years and only because their moves were not made or maybe they just didn’t know how to play the chess game and say checkmate but I hope that I would find the one for me and that he would be able to see me for me but I feel as though I am missing the whole picture as some would say to me maybe you are not getting the picture of things and that I am missing the crucial thing to this picture painting and that is where is me and who am I? I want to be more than someone of the girl who meets the eye and says she never thought she would feel like this after meeting someone she just met and even though it was not her first day of school it was his and she never thought it would end up like this she honestly thought she would just go into HighSchool and have time to make a plan but I guess life had other plans for her ones where she never got to see the sketches before even starting the painting but it was just this pictured moment that put her out of her element and said here is something for you to see and one day you’ll look back and think it was all just a dream one where if you turned the lights off and then turned them back on you would expect the person in front of you to disappear and fall away like petals off of roses but instead they stayed and they didn’t go away and you may have wondered why they had stayed after you constantly turned off the lights then they came back or never left and you never given it any thought to it being just a flip of a switch that could bring you someone who you never thought would carry the locket of your heart and then all of a sudden it was reality and not a dream anymore and the person you wanted to go only left when you wanted them to stay and it only filled your heart with emptiness almost like they died a soul and came back as a love story between a moon and a rose but no one said that I would would feel like I was not good enough for him now and I am still looking at myself and wondering where my life is going because I wonder how can you love someone when you don’t have your life together and they have theirs? I just wish that for myself not for him or anyone else to have my dreams come true and I hope that they do because I know that the first step is to loving yourself and having it together before you can love someone else but I still just want to be happy and be the one I am meant to be and not have to blame myself for not having anything going for me because even though I don’t know what I want in my life I do know that I will and I am manifesting that and I just want the universe to hear me and know that I will make it and I will be who I want to be and if that is hard for them to believe then so be it because I know who I am and I know who I can be and all I want to be is finally free to be me and that is the story I want to live and what I want to write.

I can’t love him, if he doesn’t love me and if I don’t love myself but at the end of day I am just me and I am proud of that.

True love is a choice. Patience is practiced whenever an irritant presents itself. There are moments in life when we

do not feel like being patient. On the contrary, we become irritated, impatient, and sometimes even want to scream out

of frustration. It is then we must choose.

Choosing patience is choosing love. The same goes for when we pray for boldness. Boldness is not an absence of valor or a lack of courage. To be bold, we have to be scared. Fear is a

necessary component of bravery.


  1. Eugi · 18 Days Ago

    Be yourself and love who and what you are. Showing love and kindness to others makes life so much more meaningful. Beautifully written, Rockstar Girl.

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