My eyes, your wings of reality

Your exqusite eyes 

make the wings into a blue 

and as it may feel like a season of snow 

that falls like the glistening memories 

Inside of a snow globe

And where your love is my signature of inital 

Your stories are my exqusite reality.


My Nonsensical Christmas Wish

Your nonsensical love has made me paint a better picture of the future and as you make your christmas wish let your mind think of me and how much I love you with all of my heart and no matter what the obstacles that come in our way let nothing but faith come into our life and even though now may not be the right time for us but I know that you want this as much as I do but some things in life even with you and me have made me wait and I know that creating the social media scares you it scares me as well but I know there will be a time that our christmas wish will come true no matter how nonsensical that sounds I know that one day there will be a miracle at christmas.

My christmas wish is you,

and that is my love that kisses, underneath the mistletoe,

and makes all my wishes that could have been on,

my christmas list a gift that was given much more,

than a present at christmas because my gift is you.

In over my head

Feeling dappled under pressure 

Not sure who cares and who doesn’t 

Why must we be caught up in tough decisions 

For if we say no 

Why must it be yes 

If there is a time 

Where the sun is not shining yellow 

Why do I feel like the clouds are rolling in 

And I am in the middle 

I would ask others if they were in my shoes 

What would they do 

They would probably say 

Why all the back and forth 

Just say yes or no 

I feel almost angry 

And conflicted 

Who would be on my side to understand 

Would someone call me selfish 

Or just human being at heart 

Feeling like scrambled eggs 

Where the water in the pan could boil any second 

If you were me how would you feel to be me?



will you carry my wings?


will you make me sing?


will you protect me?


Is there still hope in the wings for me?


I hope you will spread your wings and fly today.

Out of sight, Out of Mind

Out of sight, where do I look, you got me feeling like I am a fish on a hook,

but I am with a heart that was crying and filling the chapters again with storytelling,

and even though these lines of poetry might seem annoying,

it is all that I am thinking,

and today,

I took a quiz,

it was all about the brain,

it was psychology,

and I was really confident about the grade,

I said yes today is the day I will get an A,

but all of that changed and I had in the back of mind I would fail,

and guess what I did,

and after staring the computer screen that laid the grade,

my eyes were blurred and I could not see the world anymore,

It was like my mind wanted to erase the now impending voice that says everything will be okay,

But I do not believe it because how can I think it and how can this voice tell me it,

when am going through this hard time in my life,

that no one understands or can see,

and maybe it was not the time or the test,

maybe it was just me,

and like another writer had mentioned with a poem labeled “Overdue” by @Graceofthesun

Where sometimes we feel like if we do not do it now,

then we will run out of time.

So, I just wanted to say thank you, Grace for inspiring me today, and letting me realize there is someone else who cares, because out

of all the friends I could message on Instagram there was only one that came through for me today, and that was someone not on

social media, so thank you again, and I hope that everyone has a blessed day.


Rockstar Girl

Scattered thoughts

Feeling like I am stubbling above the waters 

And seeing the skies begin to turn black as the night 

But my thoughts still regert back to you waiting for the 

day where I can finally talk with you but it seems like we 

are still talking in silence in real life and all I want to do is

talk with you face to face instead of avoiding the street to 

drive down past your house and I feel like if you were 

going to make a move and talk with me even though I 

know it must hard considering we do not know each 

others snapchats but wouldn’t you think that someone 

who loves you with their whole heart would do anything 

it takes to be with that person? And I know we can only 

talk to each other through our dreams right now but 

sometimes I want to find you and it is still so hard to like 

nothing ever seems to be the right time and I am left 

typing my own thoughts in my stories because I cannot 

talk to you in person and that is leaving me directionless.

Sky of the stars

Your mind of me caught me like the moon

Where the sky was always black and white

Like a photograph with no filter

But coming through the lens only

Kept me curious

As I began to dream of an alternate universe

Where my stars blinked at me twice like my eyes

Where my heart of you could never lie

And I never knew as the stories began to hit the magic

That I would write the magic of a wand inside of a sky filled letter.

Never just saw the stars as space

I only ever saw the stars

As reading the birth chart

And knowing the signs like they were my


And with the time of birth we would know

everyone’s rising sign.

You came like a dream in recarnation

You expected me to believe that we had met

before our stars collided through this week but

the universe was a few steps ahead of us making

us both think it was all just a dream and the

stories we wrote were just a play on words and

we had never had these experiences before

except just inside of our heads beginning to think

that we have imagined the whole thing

happening but that is what you told me is like

recarnation inside of our dreams.

You read my mind

You were able to see more than just my stories

but to capture my mind before anything has ever

happened before was like a dream that you

suddenly thought was imaginary and that we

only ever made up but after so many months we

started to realize that we could read each others


Through the keys

Transcending through the music 

Keeps me awake like I could dream 

But holding the chords the way I hold my melody 

And being grateful for being with you even though 

sometimes I may feel like I do not have a clue but you 

remind me what it was like falling in love with you like a 

story and even though I may be the player of the music 

now I know that I am transcending through the keys.