It was you every time, I wrote a love letter

It was you every time, I wrote a love letter,

where ancient times brought us back to before we even had any technology,

and we used to have to only read books about the unique romances that were shared before us,

kind of like Romeo and Juliet where their love was strong until death did them part,

and they chose to melt away in the roses of their love together keeping their love stronger than ever,

and it was more than the ink of their words they could write because no one bothered to listen and instead just kept fighting,

and drew a lot of people to turn a blind eye on something that was right in front of them,

to now being gone in a matter of minutes,

kind of like life which is sometimes taken for granted,

but for me it was you every time, a love letter.


Looking Up at the Moon: I saved the best for last

I began to look up and see a future,

for which I never thought I was heading towards,

and then you were that person that came into my life,

and broke apart the pieces of the broken,

and made me whole and yes, I know I said you inspired me,

and that was the same me who told you I loved you,

and even though it seemed so early at that time,

we both had growing up to do,

but those feelings are still so real,

almost like looking at them in a glass,

is ready to be poured into words,

and those words looking up,

I saved the best for last.

Looking up at the glass that poured out the words of my soul, almost looking up and seeing the moon, but saving the best for last for me and you. – Rockstar Girl

Where are you now, you remained a ghost

You remained just a ghost that slipped through the cracks and never came back through the media,

but you wanted everyone to see the bigger picture,

where no one could see the lines,

because it was covered by the paint brush,

where you took so many colors and made it your own,

and until you connected the dots,

you made a picture of what you thought,

and you let that be your creative process,

but I have one question,

Where are you now?

and why can’t I see you?

have you remained a ghost that I am unable to find,

because I have looked everywhere and there is no trace of you,

almost like the ninja forgot to leave behind their sword,

so, tell me where is the great ninja now,

because I cannot tell where he has gone.

You want to play those cards now, of where you are now, almost like a ninja in disguise, is that your new name in lights, I guess o, because that persona is ninja is a ghost. – Rockstar Girl

In the highest of places, there is always a story, so why do I write you ask?

Why do I write is because I want to get the word out I often felt like I had to become a different person in High School to where I could never really nurture my talent at least when it came to my classmates who always wanted something different from me being that like a story there are two sides and there was two sides of me and they were the smart girl everyone wanted a piece of and just used my work against me and then there was the writer me that no one really got to know because I was very antisocial and I just wanted to keep my p’s and q’s to myself and that seemed to do fine my four years of High School because the only one that knows my true identity was me and that is why I write to keep a part of me in the pages of my journal where no one but me can see or find them.

Before you judge a book by its cover, consider reading the book before you judge the pages inside of the cover. – Rockstar Girl

There is only thirteen, but there is a day of the number 14

To whom this day is written about in the books of love,

Never been letting the name or number startle you,

And never be discouraged for not upholding the legacy,

For this one day many of us have wished was taken more seriously,

And it just not being another day to cross out of our calendars,

But seeing the positive light of what this day

could mean instead of counting on the other

Person we can still make this day work

With just one person even though that may

Be hard especially when roses and hearts

are involved and I am not just talking

About the ones in the deck of playing cards,

But can you guess the number of this day?

In the heart there are many that fall as petals on the number 14. – Rockstar Girl

I flipped the cards in the deck of hearts

I flipped the cards in the deck of hearts,

Asking for the answer which I knew was not,

Quite simple so to make a twist in words,

I must first shuffle the cards and,

See if one will pop out with the answer,

To my question and if so, it does maybe,

I flipped the right deck of cards after all.

In the cards there is a deck of hearts – Rockstar Girl

How I hid the real me

How I hid the real me,

I could never show,

But only one of my friends knew,

And I began to open to best friend about me,

When he went on a long walk with me,

But I only told the very vague truth,

Not opening up all about me,

Because you see I wanted to know more about him than him,

Knowing about me,

And while I was in High School,

it was hard for me to trust other people,

Because not knowing what they really wanted,

From me was hard and that is why I am,

Struggling to know if hiding me from them was the best decision or not and while I may,

Want to go to the High School reunion just to come back as the real me and not having to answer,

To anybody but knowing why I am there and that it has nothing to do with pleasing them,

But only pleasing me and seeing what I could achieve and even though it has taken me this long,

To realize it I am glad I get to no longer hide the real me because I am the one who is the missing piece of this mystery.

The hiding of what I could keep quiet ended up being the me that faded and from the inside I was able to find an outlet to express my voice but, on the outside, I remained hidden from them. – Rockstar Girl

The mood only represents my heart

The mood only shows the emotions

But what the ring shows is the representation of the colors,

And then you have to do your own research of what,

Is in the charts labeled next to every single,

Color on the mood that only represents my heart.

The ring of the mood is the color in hues. – Rockstar Girl