Book 1|In the Petals of The Roses, You and Me, BlueMoon and Rosyred


Chapter 1: There was a Time where Loving you was Just a Dream

There was once a time I thought I would love you where I was just a petal named Rosyred aka. Kaylee kissing the moon that was you and everyday I close my eyes I can never just turn off the light and stop to think about anyone else but you because deep down in my petals you are the midnight that is my BlueMoon aka. Gabriel. I loved every day I wished to see your face and I feel like my dreams keep bringing us closer together as we go back to those times we first met as Mustangs and green and orange were our colors with a touch of white, even though our story was never just black and white.

I have tried to be patient while I am now a college undergrad finding my way to navigate through as a a Falcon, but writing stories about the love I have for you, erases all of the pain I feel through the petals of my roses.

Each day, sometimes I will stay up at night because I have trouble falling asleep and even though I feel like texting you I know that I don’t have your number but I feel just as close to you when I dream about you because some things I want to say I can’t because I would have to drive an hour away just to see you in person.

There may be days where I still want more to be with you and I know that as you are doing your homework it can feel overwhelming in your life as it does feel overwhelming sometimes with my life and we both I know try to get through it as best as we can but it may like it is easier said than done.

Sometimes I look back on the stories I write and I wonder why I was feeling that way but I have learned to not be ashamed of the words that are my insecurity even though sometimes the sunshine feels more like nighttime but I only like to think it is the ocean of midnight hitting the sand as all my thoughts feel just like waves that I cannot see without a light in the sky because nothing seems to be in sight and it disappears in the clouds. I may feel like there is no way to communicate my feelings to you but I am grateful that I can dream of you. You make me feel like every single song I listen to makes me think about you. I guess that is what everyone means about the song being the art of your thoughts where each of the lyrics seem like a storyteller of words and the cover is a colored canvas of blank pages.

You may not get to see just how much I miss you everyday but I am grateful to know that you may think of me in your thoughts as well as me.

Roses that painted me like a dream

Roses painted the love that is our dreams, but the world is our story that meant the most to being me,

and keeping me close in the present and in my dreams that have kept me in the reality of love that never seems to reach any further than the stems that capture the ocean with waves that reach your presence like an hourglass where the crystal ball seems to be the only thing that controls my dreams but often we find ourselves in wonder of where the time goes before we can capture the picture that paints the future before I can get my wings and fly away with the truth that doesn’t set me free from the ocean or the waves that washed up to the shore.

The mood only paints the board before the world falls through the clock of the future where time will go after I have waited for the hope in finding the love I wanted to have with you.

The roses may have bloomed in the petals but also have painted the dream.


Chapter 2: You dreamed of the Rose Petals, where night was just you and me

Night was always more than just a dance of roses but coming between us in the night only hit me like an after night light. You see me in your dreams and you want nothing more than to kiss me and make me yours and that was the dream before everything that touched the rose petals made the words of the story feel more than real to me. I always saw the dreams as lesser of wanting more and we both fell through the mysteries of life before we unlocked the rose petals behind the moonlight.

You seemed to always catch my eyes before you could talk into a sentence, where you are letting the words form a picture, where I could be writing a story that turns out differently and I may want the words to match but my heart will feel anything that makes the story seem real.

The moon of you always seems to guide me to what feels like the truth, where in my thoughts I could ask you about your day and your answer to my question only seems like I am a mile away from being with you in real life.


Chapter 3: The words we only wrote as letters


Crossed the lines,

Where it was love at first sight,

Picking up the heart like it was glass pieces,

And putting the glue back together before

The strings that stitched the heart back

Together came loose.


I saw within your eyes,

Where love was the first look of you,

Without hiding in disguise,

And with all of the dreams,

You were the rose petals,

That always loved me,

And before it all became a story,

You were the chapter that fell

More than just words,

And made the flowers,

Like a tattoo on my heart,

Where in red ink was the

Art of the letters,

That only came,

As signed ink,

Of roses.


Love with all of my heart,

Could never utter a word,

But that did not stop her,

From telling you that you were the first person she loved,

Even if that sentence was in writing,

She knew that both you and her never failed to put in the action to showing that love was forever between both the moon and the rose.


where we come to see,

what has been the most quiet,

has never failed to keep away,

the secrets that hand come from behind,

without a second thought the lights from the streets,

never switched off,

for the spotlight could always reach the,

moonlight and where night heard of whispers,

and secrets of love where stories had written,

the words that came in rose Petals and letters, where loving you was more than a mystery,

and seeing all of the night sky where,

words fell through night as more than just,

the twinkle light of the stars.


You were the storyteller of the words that never lost a petal to a story,

and through all of your life it took you until high school where you first met a best friend where he later became the love of your life and then you both went on a walk to remember down memory lane and locked eyes without words but the both of you knew it was more than just a lock of eyes feeling but more of a mystery that was never broken by the roses.


we shifted into thin air where I came to HighSchool

not knowing what do expect when I had come there only to see a girl from faraway next to me and talking with the girl like it was a dream and becoming caught off grand not knowing what to say or how to find the right words just so she could stay and  then our conversation,

was not over because fate had other plans between us in store and that left with the opportunity to get to know this mystery

girl before I had lost the chance of seeing her again but lucky for me that was not

the last time

She and I were going to get to meet.


Chapter 4: The Love Story of The Roses and the Moon, Was Not Over, Not Even Close

You may have thought HighSchool between you and me was the last time you and I were going to get to meet but life welcomed us back into the chapters of yet another love story between the roses and the Moon.


you looked so beautiful in the moonlight I was confused but blooming like a flower must have been a journey one that took courage to flourish more than the thorns but seeing you in my dreams made me less afraid of what you might think of seeing me again just one more time before I got in contact with you in real time.

I know you asked me in my dreams why I was so afraid? I was afraid because, I didn’t want anyone to find out about us because like you said before there are certain things you can post or talk about and other things we have to keep private about, but just know that I am talking to you through my dreams too and I would like to have your number but I haven’t found a way to do that yet but I am hoping to meet you again in person hopefully before we cross paths at the reunion.


Looking into the moonlight I could see where every chapter of our story leads it only took me a minute to see how the glass could unfold but it started off as cold and then the heat started the spark and in that moment we were two flames that found the arrows of a match.

It was as if loving life was more than just waiting for the time, where I knew he held the heart of me as more than just seeing the rose petals that made the life of a love into a story but once you found the one it was like your heart was connected to just that one person and that is why you can’t seem to help but mention their name because all you can think about is someone who is referred to as just a friend but in your mind that person means more to you than just mentioning them as a friend and even though I miss you everyday and I want to see you in person to know what it feels like to hug you once more except I don’t just want to be with you once more I want the dream of us just like you do with me to last a lifetime not just temporary.

You always had a place in my heart even if you never knew it but I love you and for me that seems to be all that matters between you and me.


It feels like the light

more than the candle could ever burn at night but seeing the flowers that almost stood like trees were hidden in the woods you can see the stars but a writer is the one who unmasks the stars.


You fill the colors

like a painting glass of words

but your love was always a language I had admired and that was the action to the person you loved were words may have been written as a story but the love of us was never needed to just be the rhythm of the heart that was spoken because I could feel every echo of your heartbeat that

was of me inside of your chest where you almost lost a breath of climbing up the stairs where no one has ever ran after me or chased me in a heartbeat before.

Blue Moon,

I only chased you because I was trying to catch up with you and just like silence you couldn’t hear me calling out to you therefore I only had to chase you and hugging you was like catching my breath in a heartbeat of silence.


Love between us was always a storybook of silent words where every chapter held the lines and never failed to love more than silence of words could ever write the chapters of what the love story of us could.

I wish sometimes love didn’t always need to wait for the right time to come but sometimes life gives us the answer to the last minute where the story will begin once we hit the chapter of the future and I know you want to find a way too but life will give us the right time to begin our future where our dreams will come true.

Love like ours, has no ending to when we will reach the final of the chapters but our stories always can tell when our dreams are wanting more than just a love story.



Chapter 5: Kiss and Tell: The Story of Roses

Roses on Roses could never just tell a tale but

what if that one love story was more than just a kiss and tell -Rosyred

Kiss and Tell: Loving Roses, Loving the Moon, keep it quiet or he’ll kiss and tell like the moon

Loving Roses, I never stemmed past the thorns where love spoke to me with affection not with words where I had rather write the story than tell the words of my own love mystery.

Loving the moon, I haven’t even found a clue and where I had a hard time trusting what petals were right for me to pick there was more to life than just being serious. Sometimes you have to take a chance for love  to trust you for being in it.

Keeping it quiet, so that no one could see was much  harder than you might think, it was almost like being in high school you had everyone watching your every move and before the bell rang and the gates to leave began to open you were left facing the day before someone had the keys at the end of the day to unlock the gate and you were left in a classroom of windows and closed doors.

Kiss and Tell like the moon, never left anyone much choice when everyone around you was interrogating you with questions about where you see yourself inside of a future and how you plan to meet someone who they haven’t heard of and that is why life is all about whether or not you will kiss and tell?

Kiss and Tell: Like the Moon, Love is inside of the sky, where blue is the moon, and Red is where the Rose petals lie?

Like the Moon, the stars come out at night

Painted white on a canvas of a midnight dream that is dark blue at the seams but the world could only unlock the hidden key behind the hearts unopened secrets where words will hit like a heart not just a story but fantasy was more than a dream and love was the last word to complete the final chapters of the ending.

Love is inside of the sky, where you see a shooting star and you have to make a wish

where just one word there is just one click

Of a flashlight that sparks the love of the night.

Where blue is the moon, and love will always carry you with waves, but as you reach by the ocean you will uncover the love that touches you like a pearl.

Red is where the rose petals lie, where the truth is behind the blue eyes and once you

look in, you get to see the beauty behind the dreams, of where a spider’s web catches the dreams that are of you.

Kiss and Tell: Where Petals are of Roses, and spider webs are of Dreams

Where petals are of roses, that count every blessing of one love to the other, where an embrace is worth more than just a hug.

Where petals are of Roses, you see my life and how one day, you want to kiss the petals that are of you, but coming like more than a gemstone reaches the dream like a ruby red of roses.

Where petals are of Roses, and life can be a test of your faith more than your feelings can direct your path, as long as you are holding on after being on a slippery slope then you can cross mountains before you hit daybreak and then the sunlight only comes through the flames of the sunset.

Where petals are of Roses, and you came like the moonlight before you catched my hand and before you let my heart slip away like rose petals with the moon. Where petals are of Roses, where I am losing my heart like a stepping stone, and guiding me back to where I promised that I would never leave but holding me like a breath because you didn’t want to breathe but you chose to keep me close in your dreams before you asked me to stay and not to leave you alone when you dreamt of me.

Where petals are of Roses, you sang to me at night, while also keeping me and my thoughts quiet before I lost my train of thought.

Where petals are of Roses, and love is bigger than us combined, just like all of the dreams of us that we try to keep track of but only seem to be stuck in the moments that touch my heart like the light of the sun through the sky that keeps the curtains quiet.

Where petals are of Roses, and flowers started like petals of raindrops that only touched the heart like roses of moonlight dreams.

Spider webs are of Dreams, that held the dreamcatcher to my heart like petals of Roses that never swept away from the real life


Spider webs are of Dreams, where both directions are being pulled from right and wrong.

Spider webs are of Dreams, that always see my mind before I could ever process the sentence and see the end of the story being written.

Where petals are of Roses, and my heart was always yours before I even knew  where to start in love and even though the clouds felt like they were drifting away with the sun before the night became the day and you were a daydream in my presence.

Where petals are of Roses, where stories don’t write themselves but we each have our own story to tell, where every love may feel just like magic before we both could unlock the key to our dreams and every story sparked a different kind of fantasy.


Chapter 6: Kiss and Tell: Love was more than the Lights Off

Kiss and Tell: Lights off

Once the dreams hit the night it all felt like the lights went off and I was left with my stories that wrote my dreams instead of masking my feelings.

Kiss and Tell: Letting the Petals roam past the Wind

Letting the petals roam past the wind, while watching the sunset by the sky, and hoping someday I could catch the light before the dark.

Letting the petals roam past the wind, where the raindrops fall with the waters that came from the clouds, where all of the open skies became blue.

Letting the Petals roam past the wind, where each and every one of the memories, walk by the memory lane of two hearts that made the souls more than a flame.

Letting the petals roam past the wind, catching the light before the stars will fall, and the sky opens up before the night turns to fall.

Letting the petals roam past the wind, where seasons will change and the leaves will never fade with color.

Kiss and Tell: The Look of Fall

The look of fall changes the colors, where every leaves, seems to catch the seasons of August without a wish of just one rose petal of love.

The look of fall, sprinkles the dust, as soon as the stars, whiten the blue of the sky with the clouds.

The look of fall, came like the autumn,

of the breeze, that wanted more,

than just the shining of the leaves.

Chapter 7: Kiss and Tell: The Secrets beyond the quieted Surface

Kiss and Tell: The Secrets beyond the quieted surface

Only in the quieted surface, do we wish with the waters, that may bring us pain, but with kind intentions, our words will mask the stars, where the constellations will connect the dots and just like so many wrong turns we will finally find the right path to the light through the darkness.

Only in the quieted surface, do we reflect on the thoughts that run through our brains, until we click on the switch and turn on the light bulb.

Only in the quieted surface, do we see past the waters that have broken the hourglass of fears, through every faith that have touched the shores and the sunlight that turns everything crystal clear as if we are looking at life through another mirror.

Only in the quieted surface, do our thoughts change their sequence where in a row, we would rather sail though the waves then to rock the boat and change the course.

Only in the quieted surface, do we find the words that have written the letters of every heart, where we pick up the pen or pencil and all of the feelings just begin to flow and it is almost like the magic of a grain of sand from the bottle of a wish that never hid from their list just after we got done making the wish.

Only in the quieted surface, do we often wear a mask that will never showcase past your emotions but that eventually will see the light behind the ocean that rewrites the name of our secrets inside of our dreams that hold our stars.

Only in the quieted surface, do we see the faith that comes through the blessing of the light through the dark.

Chapter 8: Kiss and Tell: Words that touched me like rose petals

Kiss and Tell: Words that touched me like rose petals
Words only spoke to my like lyrics of music where the static of the verses are the words that are the same as the stories that wrote the love of you like a tattoo on my heart where in every inch you have touched the words like rose petals.
Words that touched me like rose petals that made me get used to the touch of you as the leaves began to fall like petals where the water was the moonlight of my secrets where you only hid behind the blue eyes of the moon where you could only look past the sky and see the stars that played me like notes on a petal at night.
Words that touched me like rose petals where no fear was the voices that heard my heart from faraway where places and time never mattered only being with you had my heart in those times that we clocked out into the hours of the midnight that only spelled the rose petals as time and the love stories made my heart like a night sky.
Words that touched me like rose petals and made me complete like story where parts that became a music album inside of a dream.
Words that touched me like rose petals where verses were night just lines of a number where the poetry wrote the stanzas of the words that spoke to me like petals of the blue moon eyes.
Words that touched me like rose petals where the words only spoke the moon of the night that made the sky a blue shade of what words could not do but what life could describe as soon as the love of us became more than a story of light.

Chapter 9: Kiss and Tell: The words of me have become like paintings of me

Kiss and Tell: The words of me have become like paintings of me
Where every chapter begins with just a word that makes me smile as I am staring into the blue eyes of the moon as soon as you have become my BlueMoon of the dreams that only captured me as a night fall of thoughts.
The life has become more than just a mystery where your embrace becomes the eyes of my mind where or when the future will come like light of the night and as the stars continue to shine as bright as the night sky of what sparks the flames of the fire.
You never know when the sky of you will fall and when the words of your love story will become the paintings of you as they have become the paintings of me.

Chapter 10: Kiss and Tell: The More of You

Kiss and Tell: The More of You
The more of you chased me like a dark where the light never just faded as I started to breathe as more than just a heartbeat of the words I thought of you as I fell in love with you and ever since the day we started to talk and we began to share an embrace without words I wanted more of you.
The more of you I could never speak or tell you just how much I wanted you to miss me but as you continued to love me in silence I knew that your words of love and action were the affection that loved me as roses and petals from the moon of the blue which was the heart of the sky with you.

Chapter 11: Kiss and Tell: The Lost Rose Petal

Kiss and Tell: The Lost Rose Petal
The rose petal lost her petals and gave her flower the time of the hour but each and every sentence grew to her audience as interesting but to her it sparked a memory of the events that brought the sunshine to her mind where the heat became the flower and a letter of love and desire was written on the back of the blue wolf photograph which was the one she drew of him in art class. She never had to retrace her steps like she could retrace her thoughts but after hours never just played to her strengths as a lesson it was as if the moon knew her love was a confession and with all of the strings that felt attached to her heart that could only beat but never seem to get the words out to speak but she found her voice only in the words of the stories where she would write down her thoughts that started off as a diary but later became a life of love and dreamers story. There seemed to be never a right way to go about loving you but that never stopped me from finding the right words to make a story that led me to the letters I made into dreams. Where waking up at night never felt like a second language it was a natural way of loving the words that seemed to be an opposite way of saying I love you.
Kiss and Tell: The Lost BlueMoon
The BlueMoon felt like a label of a name I never seemed to know but after a while I got used to becoming that character where my dreams became a dreamer of my mind where the love of me and girl who I had known through HighSchool and who I wanted to be my wife and even though I do adore her and she knows how much I love her I am still stuck with the question and the right way of getting to know her and I drew a map of what I wanted my life with her to look like and even though it stared at me in the eyes for a few seconds it all never seemed to translate and yes I know that the day will come when I will get to see her again in real time but it feels like I can’t complete the map without her and everyone around hears me mentioning a friend to where my aunt and my cousins want to meet her but I don’t know where she is or how to find her and tried to ask others who didn’t seem like they were her type of friends neither were they mine but I figured it was a chance I had to take to find the one I loved and even though everyone told me that they hope I will get her number I just keep wondering why I can’t see her and what life will be like when I do get to see her and it runs through my mind like it does with her at least I hope it does like a dream where I feel a deeper connection with her in my dreams than I ever felt before and we were in person still trying to get to know each other and then HighSchool ended and we both separated but I still just wanted to find her and I know I was not ready then like I am ready now because all I wanted to do was just get out of HighSchool to the point where giving her the time of day in the end didn’t seem to cross my mind because we both had another distraction to where our plans of talking kind of silenced because of a certain individual who should remain nameless made me feel in a type of way to the point where I feel like I miss out on having her number that day and I know that she tells me in my mind to not keep going back and it was not my fault what had happened but sometimes I feel like a lost BlueMoon filled with an ocean of blue regret and now time has passed and I still wonder just like everyone else in my life when I will see her again and I just keep thinking that one day I will see her again and hopefully I will no longer be a lost BlueMoon looking for his lost rose petals.
Kiss and Tell: The Lost Rose Petals
You think of me like the sky is supposed to be made of blue out of you but touching you in my dreams was always more than just a dream to me where your embrace felt warmer and your eyes felt much closer to how they looked at me like they could never stop smiling at me every time you would say I love you to me and your presence may not be close but that does not mean your heart is not with me and how much loving you in my heart is almost like your dreams will always be the comfort I need to have your presence with me and I know that you can’t help but mention me in real life and one day you would like to see me in person as we both have talked about what we are both up to during the day and how in our thoughts it is like we are chatting on FaceTime during the day and I am with you doing everything there is to be with you and get to know you and I know that you have dreams too as much as I do and the dreams are coming together as best as they can but nothing seems like it is ever the end and even if you feel like a lost BlueMoon now hiding away behind the stars of space just know that I am always there even if it feels like a mile away from the stars of the sun that was once our embrace of the shadows I never slept through just to see how it was when I was hugging you.
Kiss and Tell: The Lost BlueMoon
You come into my heart you never fail to make me a part of your life and even if we are on silent mode right now there is still time for us to unmute our mics and talk for hours at a time each and every day and it almost feels like we are doing that exact same thing in our dreams anyway so to end this chapter with a long note of silence and coming like a dream seems to be the language we are speaking were words have never felt more real than speaking to each other in person but dreaming of one another has made this journey much more easier even though there are still days I miss when we were together in person and now to on endnote there are roses that may thorns and night skies that may still have blue and even though the night may be dark and the sky may feel like a spotlight of stars there are more than just dreams that fill in the spaces of the lost BlueMoon who searches for the rose petals of the lost love that stays in my heart like a dream and in her mind like the blue eyes of the night sky lost BlueMoon.

Chapter 12: Kiss and Tell: The Wish

Kiss and Tell: The Wish
The wish came to me like a star
Where I was sailing on the waters
Of the midnight in the hidden lanterns of the ocean where the sky and sunset met the rivers of looking into your eyes of the moon.

Chapter 13: Kiss and Tell: Theatrics

Kiss and Tell: Theatrics
The waters moved as tensions filled but nothing could have ever spilled as secrets wanted to catch a break they came in with their very own phrase and maybe that was all of the theatrics that came to play where you and roses were my favorite part of the day.

Chapter 14: Kiss and Tell: If the flowers were my tears my eyes would be painted red like roses

Kiss and Tell: If the flowers were my tears my eyes would be painted red like roses

If all you have cried of me was words

Why did you leave me

Why did you leave me

Why not be the man you want to be with me

Why come down like a tumbling ground and not stand up like a skyscraper where my heart is feeling so cold without you like I am in the middle of winter but catching my breath through all of the hot air seems like the smoke is traveling everywhere but you touched my heart and made it a violet red but really my rose petals still held the blood of you like a crimson red.

Kiss and Tell: What a story, What a word, What a dream, What a life to live

What can each of the stories between you and me tell and will we be able to fight the blues as soon as love has never  gotten over you -Rosyred

Like a shining blue in the sky you were always the petals that sang red to mine where it beats it only speaks like words that have loved the entirety of me but coming like a doorknob hanging from the inside out of the locks where to swipe the cards of the door just to get in so that it could be able to open and all of those memories of us walking home felt like a girl in a dream without a phone one where no one but I could call and talk to the person who made his presence like a ghost and if the person was on the other side of the door the cards would flip and the hearts would beat in an arrow second.

Kiss and Tell: The Story of HighSchool

Many people have spoken about their time in HighSchool but no one asked me about my story and maybe I have never told the other half of my thoughts before but the experience that comes to my mind is finding the love of writing stories at the very last moment in time where I would come home from HighSchool everyday of the week and I would write about my day inside of a journal and then it would hit me that my life was like a story and that made me want to write about the stories of my life.




Chapter 15: Kiss and Tell: I will never kiss and tell

Kiss and Tell: I will never kiss and tell

So deeply in love my heart could burst and within a second my love has never faded and everyone can see the secret behind the words as they read in between the lines there is always something to come back from reading every word that is a real life love story one that both of us are trying to reach if only we could get through everything.



Chapter 16: Kiss and Tell: Don’t Look Away From the Open Book Pages

Kiss and Tell: Don’t Look Away From the

Open Book Pages

You never wanted to look away from what 

I was writing inside the pages of the

story where you almost thought the pages

could never see the ending where you reached your heart and never left the beat as long as 

the love was with you now.



Chapter 17: Kiss and Tell: Laying in silence with rose petals

Kiss and Tell: Laying in silence with rose petals 

You only laid in silence with the rose petals where love was not just an ending

but it was a way for you to no longer

be pretending before you closed the 

diary of rose petals and love stories. 





Chapter 18: Kiss and Tell: Nights like This, Felt like Rose Petals of Love

Kiss and Tell: Nights like This, Felt like Rose petals of Love

Songs were lessons that became lyrics 

where love was just an emotion 

that never was forgotten to be felt

at least by that night you caught my spark 

in the rain but you chose to leave my love behind in the past but you caught my love

on the same story as the pages of us made 

us who we are and who we are meant to be. 



Chapter 19: Kiss and Tell: More than the Moon of Rose Petals

Kiss and Tell: More than the Moon of Rose Petals 

You made the world believe that you were in

love but you caught the stars the same way 

you fell through the heart that you gave as 

a rose petal to the moon of you and without 

making the start of just a click of a button 

where the story that played through the notes became more than the moon of rose petals. 



Chapter 20: Kiss and Tell: Wrong Number

Kiss and Tell: Wrong Number 

You rang the phone

I picked up the call and answered 

but there was no one else on the other 

end of the line and there was just silence 

must have been just a wrong number. 



Chapter 21: Kiss and Tell: You Really Know How To Pull a Lover’s HeartStrings

Kiss and Tell: You Really Know How To Pull a Lover’s HeartStrings 

You know the tale of just how we can love  where one of us just picks up the journal 

and wants to write a story or just a 

diary entry where each line is another 

thought between the lines.

You really know how to pull my heartstrings

Until you couldn’t make me wall away 

and you could never kiss and tell about 

the one you love until you could love 

them again someday and never walk away 

from the one I called my one and true




Chapter 22: Kiss and Tell: The Magic of Just Looking Up

Kiss and Tell: The Magic of Just Looking Up 

The magic of just looking up 

and then you found the star of me

underneath the sky where you could

feel my heart underneath the moon

before just looking up and seeing 

you inside of the sky.



Chapter 23: Kiss and Tell: Loving facing the Music

Kiss and Tell: Loving facing the Music

Loving the music of the song like they 

are lyrics to the stories you have 


Chapter 24: Kiss and Tell: A kiss in the rain

Kiss and Tell: A kiss in the rain

A kiss in the rain I watch you think of me

Day and night you are the music that calls to me as you may want to press the buttons on the notes behind the closed doors you make it like it is a movie where scripted words are almost your presence and no amount of time could ever replace how I felt about you while staring in your eyes through the lens of the windows as the raindrops began to fall and with one kiss on the cheek you were all I thought about when you were loving me and all it took was for me to fall in love with a kiss in the rain of how I felt about you and us in a dream that I hope one day you will finally see and to make a life of you and me.

A kiss in the rain was more than I felt and climbing by my life as if it was slippery from the raindrops and as you looked through the sun you had found the sky and never looked away from the blue that never crossed the twinkle in your eyes and while all of the lines just caught a blue you never found the black and white from the ink of the pen from the words that you never said and just like that the music was a fact about a girl who got lost in just a little bit of time through the hourglass of the shores inside of a world where it was just a kiss in the rain of you and me like night through day even though chemistry clearly was the status of the lines that were written as a story.

A kiss in the rain I felt as your heart loved me so much I could almost see the heartbreak in your eyes and while my mind hit me like a flashback I knew that coming back from a dream was hitting fast as I approached my time of reality. 



Chapter 25: Kiss and Tell: A kiss in the rain of the rose petals

Kiss and Tell: A kiss in the rain of the rose petals

A kiss in the flowers you made me feel like I was surrounded by raindrops where each of them hit me like kisses on my forehead I knew the hours I had spent in your arms until I dreaded the moments where I had to leave you and without any time I knew that we would soon regret leaving too but as the moment started creep up we never realized it would have come this fast and that everything would be a dream where we could see the life of us together and now that each of the petals have sent us the message of where we could be in the future as long as we don’t forget to kiss the rain of the rose petals.

A kiss in the rain the rose petals have come to thank you for loving every part it meant for me to be with you and just like the moments that brought me my sights of closure where every story never wanted to forget the person who painted the words as rose petals of the rain like lace on her red dress of open dreams of love where only the heart could beat of you and me and it was like love was held right from inside of your chest.

A kiss in the rain the rose petals came and night was an after thought of what dreams felt like as night was day and words became only secrets where love was just a dream of a story and no matter the truth it would always lie between me and you.

A kiss in the rain the rose petals have loved you from the moon and back from now to the end and to the day of the future between you and him.



Chapter 26: Kiss and Tell: Cutting off heartstrings

Kiss and Tell: Cutting off the heartstrings

I’m cutting off the heartstrings like they only imagined inside of a second where love was a language but it was just a space between words that never seemed to play interphase but with growing my wings I sang the ways for you to believe in me that the heart was much stronger than the beat and every kiss that held the signals made me complete like rose petals where nothing fell so it was never like thorns but coming closer to the words only saw the ground as it was shaking more and like the sounds that made my ears hear them all I could almost reach inside of the heart that was my chest and playing like a record I only knew that the person who sang all of the songs wrote the words to me that felt just a love story between you and me where nothing ever felt as quite calculated as love but once you hit the buttons it all felt like an equation that was solved of mathematics and even though I never liked math or found the foundation to make the numbers latch I eventually found the key that was the words that were like numbers of you and me through the rose petals that felt like raindrops of sand as we both were the notes that cut off the heartstrings that mended the life of a reality and a dream that was only spoken as the real thing even before we cut off the heartstrings.



Chapter 27: Kiss and Tell: Some nights I stay up and dream of you

Kiss and Tell: Some nights I stay up and dream of you

Even though there are some nights I would love to stay up and never to come up from my dreams but staring into my dreams I realize that awakening was never my best option because all I wanted to do was to live inside of a world of possibilities and not have to worry of when my heart was going to no longer be beating and that everyday seems like forever but that we all have our dreams to look forward to and instead of trying to live in a life that has no guarantee I realize that my dreams are the only way out of this world for me but catching light kind of like it is fire and wanting me to contact you seems to be our dreams endless desire where we have pulled wishes like a rabbit out of a hat and found that time was wishing we could come back and living in a dream like it was a seasonal dream came like a new beginning one that if it was inside of a song there would be notes that would play by ear and not just by my heart that speaks them from here and even though everything may seem like it is on pause and nothing moves even when you are trying to make all of the progress there seems to be in the world until you feel like you are so many steps backward instead of forward.



Chapter 28: Kiss and Tell: The anxiety of silence and unspoken love fills the room

Kiss and Tell: The anxiety of silence and unspoken love fills the room

I never made it on a loop and wondered who was back and who was gone and while my anxiety felt like it was running a marathon I still felt the chill of your heartbeat and mine as soon as you breathed the same air as mine and while the closure felt just like fire it was never just tears that gave me what I had desired but looking into the mirror of my reflection making it all feel just like a dream that was being written like a piano on a backstory. While wishes seemed to still catch you from wandering during the bright lights it was like the waters knew all of my secrets and never bothered to keep the unanswered questions from living a life to where there seemed to be just themselves and no one else was but raindrops and burnt stems of rose petals and love letters of unspoken words that filled the room with only touches of silent words.



Chapter 29: Kiss and Tell: Raindrops and burnt stems of rose petals and love letters

Kiss and Tell: Raindrops and burnt stems of rose petals and love letters

Raindrops that filled the night with rain

burnt stems that came out from the stones

that masked the rose petals of the grave as love was changed and we all stayed the same

but then the love letters kept coming in where every morning I would check the mailbox and there would be a new love story that was written

and then it became a book of words I was trying to have be published.



Chapter 30: Kiss and Tell: The love that never needed a translation inside my heart

Kiss and Tell: The love that never needed a translation inside of my heart

The love that never leaves just to stay as through the glass

that feels just like a translation of words that could never be explained

or said by the music that keeps you alive in the world

where you could trust the life you live that only happens in your dreams and makes the life

you never wanted to discover just by proving the point of overnight

and then you reach for my hand love me as if you held me right through the mirror of the rose petals.



Chapter 31: Kiss and Tell: The daydreams of rose petals

Kiss and Tell: The daydreams of rose petals

(verse 1)

The daydreams of rose petals

that make me feel all of you

but you catch me in the light

that through the dreams you are my only one

that I think of

and never explained where you wanted to meet

only in words you expressed the thoughts of you and I

in the daydreams of the city that never sleeps

but you continue to place me as a wish that hit me

like rose petals where you looked in my eyes without any saying to the song

but you fell in and out of love with me and never locked me out the door as soon as you could think of me

and the kiss and tell of me and the rose petals of our daydreams.


the daydreams of rose petals that filled the earth and I called out to you in my dreams

that only seemed to come out at midnight where I couldn’t compare to the others I had at midnight

that made me bloom more than the rose petals of your daydreams.

(verse 2)

As you came to shine through the moonlight you could never just shine

you could never just turn blind

you just ha to see the real me

like daydreams of rose petals

where like a poet you only called to me like a verse

but you changed the chords so that they could go in reverse

and sing like a butterfly with wings

that only charmed as rose petals of mystery

where the faded grounds came around and you saw my words

like they were a daydream of gravel grounds


you only caused me to find the light

as I did reach up to kiss you through the fire

where were the words that left you

did you leave them in the empty spaces of my head

or did you just take the bow and arrow instead

where was your heart once you left me for her

the one I thought of in my dreams

even though I knew that you could never choose anyone else over me

at least that is what you told me

but I never heard you say that loved me

and for you to treat writing like it is an art

makes you draw a picture of who you fell for

and each time after that you hurt the same one that you loved.


so why did you leave me for her

the girl with the butterfly wings that made you into my heart

so please give me a sign

why did you leave me at such a broken time in my life

where each chapter never caught the sentence as I was trying to write my life

but at some point in time you knew that you would outperform me as I blurred the lines

and never forgot your phrase because the words of you jumped all in my head

and into my bed to where I was floating in the sky to ask the clouds where I should fly

and like my love which was stories that were of me but later became more than a dictionary

of untyped words that felt through the buttons as I pressed every letter

making me think thaT I was the paper and the ink of letters was the words being pressed one by one on my typewriter.


why are we too young to feel the way we can feel

it is because it all feels just like a dream inside of my mind?

or will the past just paint all of my thoughts that feel just like they are supposed to runaway and never sleep

until the rain becomes my deep thoughts of music that never just unlocks the keys of when I opened my diaries at midnight

where every song of you became just a daydream

(verse 3)

The daydreams of rose petals

that make me feel all of you

but you catch me in the light

that through the dreams you are my only one

that I think of

and never explained where you wanted to meet

only in words you expressed the thoughts of you and I

in the daydreams of the city that never sleeps

but you continue to place me as a wish that hit me

like rose petals where you looked in my eyes without any saying to the song

but you fell in and out of love with me and never locked me out the door as soon as you could think of me

and the kiss and tell of me and the rose petals of our daydreams.



Chapter 32: Kiss and Tell: You drove up like a backseat rider

Kiss and Tell: You drove up like a backseat rider

(verse 1)

you loved me on the drive up

then you hit the gas pedal

and left your signals on after you began to park the car

in front of the bus stop

and you almost got a ticket for running a stop sign

and I was backseat rider while the other person was the passenger

and you were the driver.


you made the lights seem more than just the stop signs

that hit the lights and then after two years later

you were my driver and I was the backseat rider inside of the life

you began to love more than the love of your heart that you carried like

you hit the gas pedal and made the heart more than just a beat

more than just a beat so just drive up and show me the roses after you take off your mask.

(verse 2)

you made the girls see right past your facade of the stars that seemed to blink more than just your heart

and while you kept of playing the music that drops your tracks like they were playlists of your songs

where the apps of your music were just like iTunes expect for me I was just a resident and my label was Spotify

where words felt more like poetry than just a genre of music that could fly by like birds of a butterfly wings.


you made the fliers keep their words as if the sun of you

could catch the falling stars of your dreams

and then the rose petals made everything just a fantasy.


you almost changed the heart as if it was exposed from

out of the world as soon as you became the very thing

that touched the rose petals of what your skin as a tattoo

of the heart that ran through the petals of the flowers.


you loved me on the drive up

then you hit the gas pedal

and left your signals on after you began to park the car

in front of the bus stop

and you almost got a ticket for running a stop sign

and I was backseat rider while the other person was the passenger

and you were the driver.

Chapter 33: Kiss and Tell: All of this time the dreams were the blue roses

Kiss and Tell: All of this time the dreams were the blue roses

Where you captured my heart without a lesson and gave me the flower of my dreams which was my ultimate blessing and without any second thought a wish came true after the night of my dreams of you where I knew I couldn’t kiss you yet but that never stopped me from wanting my life to be than just the dreams of you.

You loved the blue roses that caught the night and you never let the feeling of the love go with the sky and you came in faster than the light where all of the blue skies caught the twinkle as it fell through

my eyes and that was when I knew that one day I would have to kiss and tell of the moon and the blue roses of you.



Chapter 34: Kiss and Tell: The love one is better than just two but that was then until I met you

Kiss and Tell: The love one is better than just two but that was then until I met you

You gave my heart the answer that no one else could have ever given and that was just the test of love you made happen where one day I had to make a choice between you and another person and I always chose you because you were always the one that had my heart even before we both could find a way to make a heartbeat.



Chapter 35: Kiss and Tell: You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain

Kiss and Tell: You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain

You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain where my wings were damp with sorrow and tears and as I cried I only thought of you were rain was a given and the number of the stars were just getting started.

You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain where tears came along with the pain and as the wind gusts began to grow I was caught in the middle of the storm of where the raindrops of my tears would go and how it felt to have the storms of the rainbow find the rainfall of you.

You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain where outside of the skies came with being the sun where I was listening to the thunder that came outside and kept me cold even though my body was chilled from the cold.

You kissed me like I was a butterfly in the rain where teardrops of my day were growing in the scars of pain and let me like a fall of a flower on the petals of a winters day.



Chapter 36: Kiss and Tell: Purple Hearts

Kiss and Tell: Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts

Lonely smiles

And in the day of the night

Where love catches the inside and out of the moonlight.

Purple Hearts

Their stories never cried a tear

Until one day they put emojis in the comments where they couldn’t hold back the tears of the words in the story.

Purple Hearts

You gained attraction

The same way that you fell for the magic

Where Rebel hearts of a girl counted the roses that were painted purple and got her wings that made her a butterfly of dreams.

Purple Hearts

There was no way to tell

Where it had all fell and then it became broken with a clear glass where the pink of the roses matched the purple and made the scrapbook filled with photos.

Chapter 37: Kiss and Tell: The lonely nights without the raindrops

Kiss and Tell: The lonely nights without the raindrops 

verse 1

The lonely nights while I sat in silence where the words felt faraway

and then I saw that white picket fence

and the roses in the garden where I saw you

outside looking in and out

from the raindrops that cried like tears on the windshield


making the path seem greater than the night

that looked at me through the mirror

where that fast times became the fast night of my bedside

where you sang songs as feelings

and captured the lovers as a message

where tip-toed past the eggshells like they would hear the whispers inside of the closed four walls of nighttime

verse 2

you sang the songs of the night that loved your presence

and then once they walked outside and saw the sun between the clouds

it all began to rain like raindrops of water


The lonely nights while I sat in silence where

the night of the winter looked through the waters of the freezing cold and then you chose the freezing night instead of me where the warmth was no longer just your freezing cold of water


your eyes shined brighter than the freezing nights of the winter

where you saw the glass of the mirror by the open door

and then you opened the lock and I unlocked your heart


The lonely nights while I sat in silence where the words felt faraway

and then I saw that white picket fence

and the roses in the garden where I saw you

outside looking in and out

from the raindrops that cried like tears on the windshield.





My Life Diary: Staring into the stories of my diaries

Staring into the dark
Right into my stories
Knowing what every page has to say before I even write down the words to my life diary.
You chased all of my stories into the night before they got away and just like the roses they bloomed within a night of the day and then the light came on the very last day.
Feeling alone in every space of the day
Where the spaces of mind
Are not being filled in
But the words of my life are the stories that have caught me in the night
Of my dreams that fill in the blanks
Between all of the lines.

Wanting you close to me more than just a kiss but feeling your touch like no one else you have let come into your arms and I know that time is what we need to make our life what we want just like in our dreams and what life has in store for us is still very unknown but as for you and me there is no connection like an embrace from the two of us or the chemistry that felt the same and not apart from the words of the chapters inside of the stories that never pulled me apart from kissing you in my dreams but as you think of me everyday and speak to my present self during the day and dream of me as if I had never left your mind or your thoughts of how you wanted your life.
You began to come into my thoughts loving me beautiful blue eyes and moonlight roses with all of your thoughts like a rain storm in a beautiful summer day even though it is fall and rainy and the blue skies of gray seem to be a fall season dream.
Wanting to kiss you goodnight and being wrapped into your arms like you could never let me go or fall in love with my heart more than just my personality and how you never cared about what I wore or how I looked but you only loved me with action instead of just words and that was the story of the dream we wished we could.
After all of the ups and downs we have come through all of it and made our way stronger than ever before.
Empty pages seems like forever
Before I could ever get passed a run on sentence but before I could fill up the pages with nothing but words as for now it is my dreams that are telling the stories to come.

When I loved it was because I loved you too and the thought of leaving was like me missing a part of you that was once a part of me that was loving the you and me and even though we were not a song I would have loved to hear the story that was written on the radio of us.
Where every lyric was of you and me and the words of you and could not tell any lies because you and me fell in love with rose petal and blue eyes.

Sitting with my thoughts alone in the dark while catching the light passed the sunset blue eyes and racing past the clouds just to see the other side of where sky falls.

My Life Diary: The Night was my Petals

What you thought of the night once you had left in the morning after the other night of romance and with all of the flowers that you gave as roses it wrote me as petals and when you reached my heart I only played as a rhythm of my heart once you called me love and then the other time was half of my heart before you had left me and then you started to feel every word in my dreams and when I began to write the stories you only spoke to me in roses.
I only ever found the heart before I had let you runaway, runaway before you caught the flowers but the night were the flowers of the roses which were the ones I had caught as romance of you.
If you went down, then I would runaway with you, with all the words that I never spoke of it only ran away like raindrops through the trees of what was mine and what was yours too.
It was only by the dozen of the roses that had my heart by the moonlight of the moon that had my heart with you that never went down to the end of the story that had my dream of you too.
Spoke of rose petals
A night or two
Loving every dream I get to have with you
Sunshine was my rain
And the petals were my thorns of roses.

The future held me like thorns that wrapped as more around my body leaving me with pain to figure every little thing and all I ever wanted to do was to figure the dream and the puzzle piece to fly like a butterfly where I can fly where I feel like wings and make my heart find the dreams of me where my dreams can rewrite the stars.

Insecurities play me like a harp
Where my soul sings the words
But I do not smile
I just hide behind the rose
Petals of my mask.
Insecurities play with my mind
Like my inner thoughts could speak the truth
But listening to my own music
Is like listening to my mind.

My Life Diary: The Red Roses

Waking up
Never wanted to go to sleep
Running back and forth and I forgot to breathe but you bring me closer to the things I could no longer see but you ran around my mind and caught me like a blue rose butterfly, I began to fly but I got caught up in the web not sure what to do or how to make my decision and I tried to look at faith to show me the way but it still feels like my heart is not in the right place or right way and I am trying to hold on before I can let go but the thorns are already bleeding in my soul and dripping blood like I don’t know where to go and I feel like my dreams keep telling me to never give up and try again but I feel like I am on my own out and inside of my mind that feels just like a shadow and there is only raindrops that are fallen from the sky to the blue eyes of the moon and you held me in your arms and we began to write our stories like we were writing the same pages and getting to the dreams that hit me like a dream even though reality makes me feel angry and I can’t seem to guess the code because everyone around me is treating me like a game piece where each time they flip the cards I found a jack in the box where the rose petals are supposed to be but I am not covered in petals but I feel like I am stuck in the mirror of my own hidden reflections where one is telling me to do one thing and the other one is sending me inside of a dream between my future and my past even though I have fallen and faded through the eyes of life where I wonder if someone is going to tell me the truth or just believe in their own words of lies. The dreams may be connected by one future where pain is not a word that starts with ordinary but it all fades away like thunder and smoke where I felt like writing a song but it ends up into a story of silent hearts.
Silent hearts, rip me like a new thorn, where the roses are my shallows of the ocean of petals, where I try to dive into the rain being eaten by the other words alive, because all of the lights that hit me like a spotlight where I am just the letter of rose petals being written by blood underneath the moon, where the blue roses began to burn into me like flowers petal after petal they caught the flames before I was able to gravitate into the air before I faded away and the rain could not wash me away clean but I chose to fight the night before the enemies consumed me, and love became my beautiful night of a dream.
Beautiful night of a dream
Where thoughts became my story
And the center of the lyrics became my therapy where if you hid the love language like you were talking abcs then you would have found the words to tell the same riddles as a lopsided pumpkin who only wanted the cake and ice cream to fill in the broken heart that only cried glass of water but it was actually tears and then you began to write the letter of positivity instead of living by the philosophy of negativity
Where lyrics stared at me and sang to me a beautiful night of a dream where the message was clear as glass as well as the story.
You may have woken up to start again but this time it is more than the moon meets the end and before the time hits the midnight it will become sunset of a beautiful night.

Wanting to be a red rose of mystery
But I could never just escape the petals that told the story of you and me and until you came back with the riddles of coming back home from the sky until we fell asleep and went from a dream to reality and once the kiss of the night was laid down on my lips where petals only consumed my heart from the moon to tears and the roses that brought me flowers to heal my good and bad days but letters were always my red roses painting where everyone mixed passion with life stories but all I ever wanted was dreams and to be able to face the one things that feared me.
Having to catch the flier by the day instead of before they both said goodbye not just with words but love of us was always on the tip of our tongues.

You were always more than a friend to me that always spoke to me at night and never held my heart for the words of any explanation but you chose to speak to me through my mind and I considered writing as a form of therapy to speak through the tip of my tongue to you but you chose to speak only with through my mind instead of in person because everyone would want a word or explanation to how we began to meet and I know that you and me don’t want to answer questions about the history and my life and your life may still be complicated as a story of a letter that was only told by yours and my main character.
But at least we both never ran from slipping through the heart of our life but we just chose to face the beauty with humor so let’s just end with a riddle of dreams and rose petals.
Your roses are thin
But your heart is more
Can you tell who loves to kiss and tell more?
Me or you?
Or is it just the rose petals of the air we both breathe?
And if the heart is much more than it can beat them why don’t you love the petals more than the rose petals?
The imagination of love
Was greater than life and that was until the spell became a reality and we both only spoke about the life in a dream so just be patient and wait for me.

Hitting the eyes like it was a brand new sky and all of the words began to flow out of me like no one wanted to hear the voices behind the words but they did listen to the lyrics of different songs that I could not sing but that I let control me and I don’t want my voice to be controlled I just want to be heard but it seems like my heart is being pulled into different directions that cannot show me the path or the light of where the lyrics of the songs will take me.
Where does like take you
When you feel like no one around you
Or even through the screen will even listen to you because it feels like we are the skulls of the brains and they are the ghost talking to us in whispers.
When I wake up
I felt a shock
Like a generator but I just wanted to sleep
And stay in my dreams
But that was before I woke up to the alarm clock of morning when I was sure I set the time for the nighttime.
I don’t want to open up the letter
To the person I was not expecting to write me through the internet but I rather get the envelope of rose petals in person than it be delivered by text message before I never wanted anybody but you in my dreams and in my future before the past and the dreams began to collide through the storms I never thought I ever get through but then the rainbow shed through the light of the sunshine.

One of those nights
Where nights are becoming fall
And the seasons are almost unbreakable
But the love in our hearts cannot ever seem real until they fall apart and you just want them close to you without ever leaving you in the dark but just wanting the truth to see you for real and the love of the two hearts to never leave but just to keep you from behind the heart of the rain.
One of those nights
It all fell dark inside of my eyes
And when I looked through the window
And stood still I saw everything through the rain I could feel and even though it all fell through the sky worldwide I knew that more was an option than just surfing through the waves without ever looking back to survive.

While my day may feel it was toasty with the s’more of my dreams but I still felt like a chocolate chip cookie and a movie of comedy to speak my language of humor.
While my day may have sparked the fire and I felt like I was ten steps backwards instead of going forward but I still catch myself before I went back on the board and I began to roll the dice again just to see the lyrics that began to play and rewind.
While my day may have caught the daylight of an ending I only began to not stare at the time as I felt like I was still going backwards not forward and it made me feel like a s’more.

The dark was not just the light
But it touched me like a petal
And I only loved more than I could ever listen and wake me up like I was a dream and I ever since love caught me like the blue eyes I fell for the moon as soon as he told me that he loved more than he could ever have told me too.
The dark was more than the night
But not until I found the light
That found my heart and made my life more than art.
The dark was more than the night
And I found the song of true love
Just around the corner
From the playlist that sets my mood
But plays my feelings on a loop.

True love
Was a story that I wrote from inside of a dream
Where history repeated and I hoped we both would stay the same but we seemed to dream different about the life at night where we felt like driving out of town until we could reach the sky of roses and then the night would speak with more courage than just the roses of beauty.

As I held the moon along with the stars I knew that I was the sunset thy could be spoken through the arms of my own soul as the skin fell through the skies of the moon where I felt like a brush painting of a portrait of poetry where the dreams settled into the background of the picture and then it all became the night of the sunset days.
As the moon held me like a crystal I began to see through all of my dreams that made me think of the night that was than just living proof.

Coming off like a skyscraper
Finding the words
That feel like heights
But only can I know put them into perspective as they flow from me like blurred lines and once the petals have reached the roses it all feels like more than a mile where we are traveled away in the night where the stars and us seem to align.

Closed caskets
Running voices without air
Not sure where to go
Or where to fall
Feels like life is closing in
Like thorns where petals
Are the least of my dreams worries
And upon thinking about the past
I have reached the once upon a time
Chapter quite fast where every word has been my clarity and life has been full of unexpected moments and memories but thoughts of life have continued to reach me as I have thought of everything I have been feeling what is right and what is wrong feels like thoughts running in circles through my mind and made a dream feel like real life.
Hidden intentions not sure which one was the truth only playing everything by ear except to the words of the stories I could not hear and making petals last for days where I was here and it feels like I am so faraway but so close to the ending of where I could almost want to fly away and words cut me just like a knife but even then I knew that everything had a price and through my lips I could only see every word that was feeling like life inside of the real me.
Where you may your art a story
I made my writing the life of a dream where everything may caught me off guard but I was keeping tabs on where I was going to be found and just like the closed caskets my dreams were found in the words of the story of the flowers that were once hidden inside of a moonlights attic.

Blue Roses

Bedazzled by the blue roses

As they fly away with my flowers

And into the moon

Across the night

There is love that shines bright.

You saw the blue roses

As they came to bloom

Like me

They are the same stars at night

When they have come to see the other side

There are still blue roses being burned inside.

The blue of the moon

Captured like light that went through

The roses of the moon

Being bedazzled by the other blue roses.

The girl who played the music, she found her roses on her violin

The girl who played the music, she found her roses on her violin, and with all of my love, that could have broken my circle, I finally found the voice in my heart to speak, and through the notes of the music, it only was my diary of words that became my stories of love. The only chapters that ever felt complete where the ones of the storybooks are my words that never fail to change the notes like a verse, where creativity became my last resort. The life has never became just a way to unlock my heart even though a story was never anything other than poetry but writing all of the thoughts that could speak my mind made me feel like a transparent violin. The girl of the violin never had a name she was just an unkonwn character inside of a story that made the life of a dream into the main character. The last of the life never caught a dream it only ever changed my life before I could see the other side of the story.
The girl who played the music, where she found the roses that became more than thorns of petals on her violin, that only held her romance through the love languages of life. She only chose to make the images of the sunset that never had to catch the wish but through the skies through the blue of the night where the moon only was behind the night of the rain where love was not hidden by just a one person’s game. The heart could only love as far as anyone could speak but as much as anyone’s heart could beat but faster than anyone could make a heart complete.
The girl who played the music, changed the beat as soon as the notes changed the sounds of the violin and the music that began to spark the romance between you and the one who had your heart the whole time. The only stories that wrote the ending to the chapters of the storybook. She was the one who changed the violin of the music and the rose petals.
The girl who played the music and found the voice to speak
and without the words had came from the heart
until the dream unlocked the stories.
Fly away my flower,
You will always be in my arms,
Where my thoughts will lie,
And leave the petals behind my eyes,
Loving you was my heart,
As well as the flying away of the flower,
That was my last words of the day.

The night dreams of us


Loving you in silence, catching you in the night, but you were the moon of the petals of me


The story of a bluemoon, who could not clip his wings or hers to fly through the night, until they both found the eyes of the ocean, to swim through until they could not escape their thoughts, but that was until he found the rose petals of the girl who could love him with all of her heart, and nothing could ever keep him quiet, when he told everyone in real life about the friend who was living her life, and when they asked if she was just a friend, the only words he could say was, she was a friend of mine from highschool in real life, but in his mind, she was something different to him, but he kept that a secret from everyone because they weren’t living the life in a dream that was connected to the reality of what they were both thinking and feeling inside of their hearts, and yes they both may feel bad about certain life events that have happened to her, but it not only affected her heart, but it made his heart hurt too, but the only answer they came to was to let it go and continue to live their life as normal as they both could, but even that seemed hard because all they wanted to do was live their life with each other, but until they both found a future to succeed in, then life as they planned was going in a different direction, but only within their hearts, they both knew the ending of the journey, even if it may take longer than it seemed to find the answer they were both looking for.
Loving you in silence,
cannot help but want to catch you in the night,
where the moon would face my curtains through the window,
and then I would dream of you,
and speak to you in my thoughts,
and you read my stories as if you were seeing them on your computer screen,
on earth if only you weren’t constantly looking at your phone screen.
Loving you in silence,
you only loved me at night,
where during the day,
you were busy living your life,
as if the petals had to stop growing,
but you only wanted the silence in the embrace,
of the petals,
but also loving you in silence through the midnight.

Loving you in silence was better than trying to speak the words I could not write at the time

Loving you in silence was never just better than the night I had first wrote a book, but each and every chapter was not just about you and me, but it was also the stars in the night, that could shape the sand, of the cloudy dark of the blue moon, but the air went out the window along with the atmosphere that tied around me like a broken piece of my hearts glass, but the waters of my tears filled in the emptiness that I never expected to have lessened but, the only hearts that was able to love to love me, was the night I ran past the miles of the speed limit on your street as we turned out the lights, that only created in me and in my heart a dream, but all I ever wanted was for the night to pass me by and love me in the dark, that only felt like a heart that could love me in the midnight of the lightened hour. Until the next sunrise, I knew that you had my heart along with you and me, and as I asked you to stay, and keep me awake inside of my mind, but only talked as whispers that got my heart, and once I was able to answer the call, after I had gotten off of that flight, where the plane only overlooked the bottom below, and the clouds were my sunlight of the clouds, and the blue of the skies, continued to rescue me like a parachute, even though I was learning how to deal with my thoughts without talking to you or someone who used to read my messages when my heart would get lonely, and yes that is the true behind my eyes that could never keep a staright face and lie, because all I ever wanted was the truth to set me free, and make the storms last more, than what my heart could take away inside of lost beating scar.
But you never wanted to hold on from knowing where the past could have tried to take you, but captured the resilience, as it went from the dirt of the sand to the fallen waves of the rainfall, where may have wanted it to look like a dark monsoon, but the waterfall held onto the stems of the petals as I wanted to let you feel the hearts that left me with you, making me feel like I was stuck in the middle of the words that I knew could never let go, but never gave up the way I could love you in silence, where I hoped you still remember me and never let the time of us ever slip away from the girl who loved you in the heart of me.
You could only always remember the girl that could remember you and me, and the one of the heart that felt connected to the you and me, even if I kept everything inside of a glass slipper, and wrote the ending to my past memories, that never let me or let the heart was inside of the memory in a locket.

The name of the moonlight, from the stars in the sky, and the days of the nights

Staring at the picture, that made the moon,
a certain picture of silence,
but words could only see how much the dreams of us mean to me.
The name of the moonlight, from the stars in the sky,
and the days of the nights,
that count down the numbers of when you last heard of where the dreams of reality would go.
The name of the moonlight, from the stars in the sky,
and the days of the nights,
where the stories are of us,
that made the art of the skies of the day that made us in the morning of the night,
but only past by us in the silence,
that sparked a brand new night,
where I kept the secret of us writing,
and that was because only I could see the stories I wanted to write,
of you and me in the night.

Hush, Hush, Don’t You Cry, Before the midnight, and the dreams of us

Hush, Hush, Don’t You Cry, Before the moon of the midnight, and the dreams of us,
that could keep the dreams of us,
where you and me,
would always stay together,
and never let anything including the moon,
of the dreams that never let the petals fall.
Hush, Hush, Don’t You Cry, Before the moon of the midnight, and the the dreams of us,
where just a memory,
that caught me like a light,
that was hidden behind the moon in space,
and in the stars that I know will never leave me in the dark.
Hush, Hush, Don’t You Cry, Before the moon of the midnight, and the dreams of us,
where you could only see the world before your eyes,
and then once the night was forming like closure,
the dreams only looked around the world,
before the night of the story came before the ending.
Hush, Hush, Don’t Cry, Before the moon of the midnight, and the dreams of us,
that only rushed through the night,
as the moon came from behind the hourglass of the night,
where the petals only came to grow,
as far as the raindrops only fell from the night,
that held my reflection of where the last days of the dreams began.
Hush, Hush, Don’t Cry, Before the moon of the midnight, and the dreams of us,
where it never faded,
it only started the right back from the moon,
and the journey it took to love the real and only you.

You made my heart a heartbeat of words

You made my heart a heartbeat of words,
but as you started to call the moon,
into silence,
I rest my case,
as I called you after midnight.
You made my heart a heartbeat of words,
but you made my dreams into songs of lyrics,
that I could once say to you and me,
but as you began to reach for the phone,
your only words that you could say out loud to me,
but you the paths of the roads that grew greater,
than the mountains that whispered into the nights,
and gave me the dreams of feeling the heart beat of us inside of the night.
You made a heartbeat of words,
and after you went to see the heart in your dreams,
that was still beating,
but it was like something that no one could have ever seen,
until you fell past the moon,
that loved you for me.

Closing another chapter

You came in as a chapter that I was already ready to close,
as you began to write the words all of the thoughts you had before just began to disappear with the night,
but as the morning came inside of the sun like a blink of an eye, it began to become a dream,
from underneath the writing of letter, from inside of my pillow case.
The letter reads:
Cheeks Dream,
You fell into my arms, and I had to call it a dream of us after all,
when we started to leave and finish our last book of the pages,
with no names,
but the dialogue of anyonmous characters,
that chose to fill in the lines of the script,
instead of reaching inside of the heart,
that never left but the person who is writing all of the chapters,
from behind these unwritten love letters.

Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight

Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I loved you like you were already a picture on my mind, that never went to the deleted folder, but it only stayed as my photo album picture.
Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I could love you in my dreams, where the dreams of us had no limits, where we could sit and talk for hours, without ever having to move, from embracing you and my heart,
beside your chest, but kissing you was harder than speaking to you in an embrace of silence.
Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I only loved you without looking up to see you, and your eyes past the stars, but only watching the smile as you began to look me in the eye, and when I saw that smile, when you always came to see me, it was like you had already found the light that seemed to be closed off in the dark of the already unsettled dreams that made the night much more full of a puzzling yet not solved yet mystery.
Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I could only love as fast as the stars, would lead me and past the magic that only consumed the nothingness that surrounded the unforseen shadows of the last nightfall, but it only could be seen as beig captured on camera, but sleeping as sound as the moon that could only spark the empty colors that found the emptiness of the light.
Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I could make the steady places seem as fast, as the moon, that began to make my heartbeat of you start to race, but seeing you inside of my dreams, and making the night a lot more of love and kept secrets.
Taking a closer look at the stars, but instead I found you already inside of the moonlight, where I loved you in the silence of how you use to hold me, even before the dreams started to love you in the mind, of how you loved me in the break of the dawn, and then you chose to love me in the secret of the moonlight.

The life of a new chapter, that only started as a happily ever after

Happily ever after,
you were always more than just a dream to me,
you were like a little spark of heaven,
that came into my heart once or twice,
but the last of the night,
I knew I wanted it to be with you,
because more than anything I wanted to live happily ever after with you too.
Happily ever after,
I began to love you too,
right from the beginning you always had my heart,
that was more than just a feeling,
but that left a mark on my heart,
like a tattoo of art.
Happily ever after,
came as fast as the first,
but it only took a few more chapters,
to write the one of our lives we were setting after.

The only rose that came from the moon of the night

The only rose that came from the moon of the night,
and petaled as words,
that could never catch just a thorn,
but fly like wings of a butterfly,
where hope was not just a message of love,
but a life that we wanted to live in the reality of more than
just a one line storybook of words.


You closed your eyes,
made each one into two,
but only shuttered the rose petals,
like words of love that were written as stories,
of silent dreams.
You closed your eyes,
you began to love more than you could tell others apart,
but as words became storybooks
there just left the silence
of love that was not until now,
being turned into a storybook,
of silent words.
You closed your eyes,
you captured my eyes,
you closed them just to kiss me,
like rose petals of the moon,
and silence,
of the love that I always and will still have of you.
You closed your eyes,
you never wanted to peek,
but you still snuck in a moment,
to see me and my heart beat closing in,
but as the petals began to fall,
I was only masking the words,
that at first of the night,
never seemed to speak at all.
You closed your eyes,
you held the words,
as love for me,
and before I was blind,
you only wanted to see yourself as more than just a storyline.
You closed your eyes,
you never just saw,
any spark of light,
that began to meet the words,
that held like glue,
past the morning of midnight.

Everyone Has A Caption

There was a star in the universe that guided me and I started to dream, in the heavy weight of the mountains, I started to think what would the world be like if it was all a dream? In the moon where you rested, your heart on my shoulder, and then you started to write the notes on the pianos keyboard and I asked you to come out and look out at the moon, and you loved every second of its reflection because you told me it was a painting of us two. I cried and cried, when I heard that phrase because how could someone who is so enchanted by the words of the piano be so deep like they were seeing every part of the masterpiece and once you started to look up and see how the universe sparked our dreams you told me there is magic in every story that is being told.

There was once a sun he caught up with me and we both started to dream and when night began to fall the moon was the only one out and then all of our thoughts started to align and the story of us was the words that sparked the magic of you and I. Each puzzle piece of you and me began to connect and then we had a story with words that continued to shine like light where after all these years you still knew every part of where I stood in your thoughts. We keep going back and we see what we missed but all I knew is that I miss being with you and all that you kept in the dark of your heart and finally brought back the light until it was the sky underneath the moons blue eyes.

It was the morning after, when you decided to come over and I was stuck in the rain while you were inside of the sun and the leaves were falling like colors and it was the season of autumn but when you came to the spot where I could overlook the city of where we both met of you and me, it took everything I had not kiss you right now, because being that we were only an inch of space away nothing could have prepared me for the kiss we wanted to share. When we both locked eyes again, it was clear we were both on the same page, and even if we didn’t write the letters musically, we still felt the words when we looked into each other’s eyes. We stood there for a moment, not wanting to move, or just to keep the moment alive where the two of us were not ready to leave quite yet.

You held my heart from the first moment of sunset where right where we met it all just felt more like a dream and after so many moments where we would be it all felt like we were just collecting memories.

You looked at me, like you could keep a secret, where the letters were the words I could not send, but instead I wrote the words as stories, that were published by me.

For Our Love Was Never Just A Short Story

My name is Rockstar girl, and to all of my fellow readers and writers I have been trying to make it as a writer because, it is a passion of mine that up until highschool I had never known I had and that was until writing had found me when I was in 10th grade of my highschool year and I was in Journalism class, how ironic because, that was where my passion for writing grew, and I know that journalism and writing in general speak two different languages one is about finding a story as a newsreporter whereas the other side of the field of work runs by experience and how you tell the story about yourself. I have also been on Wattpad for about a year now, almost, and I have felt the connection to so many people who are just like me a young adult who is trying to navigate her way through life and then out of nowhere this publishing company came to me and said are you interested in submitting a story to us and mind you I was still in my early 20’s trying to navigate college and at first I did submit a story that I no longer have on their site because I felt to myself it was not the right story to tell and even though I was only discouraging myself from actually taking the first step, it became hard because I began putting pressure on myself to become someone before I was ready to hit send and once the voting stage came into play which is still a requirement to getting your story published I took it hard because no one was supporting me and it seemed like I was the only one who cared about my dream and no else did, but as for my twenty one year old self now, I am learning not to write something that everyone else wants to see but the story I want to be and the love of this career that speaks to my soul, so with that being said, if you yourself or anyone else are struggling to chase your dreams just know that timing is everything and we may not see it all happening right now but one day it will and just remember another door can close before another one can open.
And Happy a Blessed Day.