Do You Wanna Journal About It: The fallen petals of me


Dear in the petals of the wind,
I was balancing the findings of me in a story,
where you tried to search for me and had no way of finding me,
but knowing that you love me no matter what,
and that you will always be my best friend,
and even though everything may be hard now,
you will soon catch the petals of the wind,
even though it can be hard to come back from the fall down,
I still love the petals that have grown in the roses.

If there will be thorns of roses

Dear in the petals of the wind,
The petals came into the roses,
that sparked the chance of love and struggle,
where we have not found the end of our story yet,
and we are both so used to feeling inside of our thoughts,
but have yet come across the real-life objective,
and instead have been playing by our own rules,
and yes, you may have called someone a friend who pretended with you,
but you get to experience who is loyal and who is not,
that is just the beauty of life,
and knowing that sometimes in the roses there will be thorns.
Dear in the petals of the wind,
I was looking for you,
because I love you,
and one day you will find me,
and I know it is hard to come by now,
by you will find that everything that may happen,
comes as a lesson.

Looking into the petals of the roses

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you came and found,
then got turned back around,
almost like a back-and-forth game,
not sure what cards to play,
and trusting the answer or the trap,
that is for you to find out,
not everything in life can be spelled out,
sometimes we have to found out on our own,
by opening our eyes,
you will find the lessons in the roses of the thorns,
and yes, you may love me,
and I love you too,
and there will come a time where I can meet you,
and I know that it is difficult for you to find me,
but looking into the petals,
is the same as looking into the roses of the thorns.

Coming into the blue of the moon

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you came into the dream,
looking for me,
where in real life you are not able to find me,
but I know that the petals of me will never leave you,
because they see you,
and they know that you see me too.
Dear in the petals of the wind,
giving a chance,
for the time to come through,
hoping that you could find me too,
in real life,
it may seem like we are walking two steps behind,
but we are only two steps forward,
to being closer to the dream of you and me,
there just has to be a way to find me,
and coming into the blue of the moon you will find the roses.

Can you catch me to be with you?

Dear in the petals of the wind,
you only caught me in the moment,
of where you could find me,
but asking me,
was almost like hiding me,
and coming up with a disguise in the dream,
where the world could not see us in the open lights,
because that would mean we were the spotlight,
and in the stories, I have written,
it has been my only eyes of attention,
where I knew I could catch a break,
but that I could also catch the real me,
without falling from the world,
because I was scared to fall with the thorns,
and admit that us would take time,
and yes, we have hurdles to jump through in life,
but that just means we are one step closer,
to being a forever and not being over,
so will you get to,
And can you catch me to be with you?

It was you, every time

Dear in the petals of the wind,

Loving you every time I feel like it could rain but it caught me in another way and when I chose to fall asleep I saw you every time I woke up and I felt the part that made the midnight a dream and it was you every time I fell in love and even though I felt like I was hiding myself in real life I saw every chapter of me and it was you every time there was the real me inside and making you my story captured the moment I thought was being kept inside of a lockbox because I woke up and found the key to it was unlocked and it was you every time I loved but I also loved me every time too.


There is only thirteen, but there is a day of the number 14

To whom this day is written about in the books of love,

Never been letting the name or number startle you,

And never be discouraged for not upholding the legacy,

For this one day many of us have wished was taken more seriously,

And it just not being another day to cross out of our calendars,

But seeing the positive light of what this day

could mean instead of counting on the other

Person we can still make this day work

With just one person even though that may

Be hard especially when roses and hearts

are involved and I am not just talking

About the ones in the deck of playing cards,

But can you guess the number of this day?

In the heart there are many that fall as petals on the number 14. – Rockstar Girl

Locked Up as a Mystery: I never thought of myself as a dreamer & writer

Locked up as a mystery, I wish I was found so that you could see my story but some stories are closer than you might think, it just depends on the story, and if you know the story so well you should be able to read between the lines as well.

Locked up as a mystery, I never thought of myself as a dreamer who could control the lines with her mind if she had more time, I never thought of myself as a writer who could make up words and turn them into stories but that is just the exact copy of the real me who likes to be locked up as a mystery.

In the petals there was a rose if you could smell it from faraway then you had unlocked the key to her mystery – Rockstar Girl

The hand over the shot

The hand over the shot 

The one that was shooting from all sides of the heart 

One vessel of the blood went out the other 

And soon enough it was growing from pleasure

Where you had touched my fragile heart 

And never broke the pieces from falling apart 

Because you had always had a thumbtack on the destination 

And the path of the map you were taking 

And that was the complaint of not meeting the destination 

Because the school had left the students with no available communication

And from the test of life that rang the bell 

And saw the canon come out from underneath the ground 

Ready to take its shot from all sides of the heart 

The vessels of the heart continued to grow 

And it was like a hundred of the shots we had never taken 

We would have missed out on the life of opportunities.

Just whisper and then it dawned on me

Dearest rose,

just whisper and then it dawned on me you were looking for me on social media and as time went you began to feel like it was a yearbook reunion where you came face to face with the past life and all the people we once knew in HighSchool but you never got to see the glimpse of us when it dawned on me that you were fine and you were looking for me everyday at a time but then new dawnings came to play and you decided to flip the cards and see just who was the face behind the closed doors and I was the writer who changed the life and script of words to write the lines and see the life of my own perspective and so the whispers of a new dream would be the words of reality.


my words of roses where it dawned on me that you were my dream in reality

Tied in the Blue Roses: The Night Before the Roses (part 6)

I waited until the night would bring me flowers preferably blue preferably red you choose but my life was now in someone else’s hands and I began to tell the story on my own land and after some time I began to think it over but after crossing those waters of the blue roses I found out the night was more than a moon of my dreams after you had found the closed glass cage I found the hourglass of the time it would break but standing out in the open like a fearless butterfly ready to fly I only fell in the blue roses of the love underneath the moon I was now still writing and wanted as a dream but never settled for just the ending to a love story.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Two Halves of a Whole (part 5)

Could we ever forget the times we were together even if reason was more than just a season we could never forget those dreams that were made as days of the week on a calendar of each year we get to repeat as two years feel like they have passed but each day I remember you as the same of the other half of me some might say we are two halves of a whole.

Remember the nights you swore you would never forget but the nights that became your days were my favorite nights of a daydream that came into a reality and set me free as wings.

Tied in the Blue Roses: Every Time I look at the Blue I See You ( part 4)

Tied in between the roses that gave me the blue every time the moon looks at me I think of you and the way I have become a short story in the beginning where I just wrote about HighSchool in a journal entry and then I caught up with the present and made my past a story but as time when on my future was my life’s ever so dream.

Coming into the moments I see I wonder how soon they will not be a mystery but in the sun I count the days little by little they run on moon time and come back hour by hour until the last moment became more than a minute.