The petals that fell with midnight

The petals that fell with midnight, only came to look in your eyes, I loved you with all of my heart, even before you became my favorite color of blue, you touched my heart, I kissed you on the cheek, you loved my affection, and you only show me that you care with action, I knew from that first moment that I hugged you outside of school, and then you looked at me in the eyes, and I could feel from then on, you would never disappoint me in love.

You only cared about me, as much as you felt that you loved me, it was a star from the sky that kept falling down once you had looked into my eyes, I knew your heart was always going to be in the right place, from all of the other guys, it was just a pick and choose who I would end up to date, it was a more of who had my heart the most?

You always had an act for your touch, you could never see through my face, but I could feel through your touch of silent words, where you never had to give me flowers, because flowers only fell with the midnight like petals.

You fell with the moon,

I catered to you,

With the heart that grew so strong,

I knew you loved me,

With shyness and all,

Your hugs told it all,

That the story of words could never hear,

But you wrote inside of me the petals of my heart that captured the lines of the story.

You carry my heart,

For what it was true to be in your arms,

And your love was the answer to the action,

That you held within the truth,

Of the love I thought you had let go of,

But instead you asked me to stay,

And to love until the roses did us apart.

You never known,

What the future could hold,

But you loved me,

And that was all for me to know.

The picture was always worth a thousand words,

But actions of love,

Meant more to me,

Than just words that could write a thousand lines to me,

But even then a story was my favorite quote,

And in the dream the story of us was always told.

The night after midnight,

slowly started to slip in and fast asleep was the time on the clock for bed,

to wake up to you and start to dream,

where I still had questions,

but the story would have to wait until morning.

The roses were beautiful,

they fell through the night,

they came in petals,

as they passed each of the thorns by,

and then bloomed into flowers,

while love was only waiting for the next of the roses to fall with the midnight.


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