Love language

The love language never speaks the translation of the pages but once I saw you in my dreams all of the stories began to translate and into my dreams I knew that was what you wanted to be to me but I have caught the love language of your love.

The sentences may have never formed but I could write the captions to the pictures I saw of you and the other ones I drew of you but not of the letters of my language I dreamt of you.

The silence only started as the petals of the roses became the song that I could no longer see as whole but the heart touched the story of the love language that spoke to me of your heart.

I only spoke the end as you soon as you called me and asked for your love to write the letters in order to see if the spark between you and I were still there and when the love language started so did the stories that I wrote of you.

My love language starts with a touch of affection that can only be spoken through silence and action of looking into one’s eyes without ever having to say a word you could just feel the moments between the two of you and only having to hear their heart only beat for you and noticing the way they look at you not even knowing they are thinking about you but just seeing the truth behind their eyes and the touch of the words that could only be described as a love language of love letters.

My love language begins to express art of the canvas or just just in general with receiving gifts just to show they care about what they never seem to say but end up noticing about the real you and that is the gift of loving you for you.

Creating moments with them like they are a page out of your scrapbook of unwritten words but letting the reality find the time to make it all real without leaving the suspense behind but taking the lead and guiding you down the road through a new direction of memory lane.

Only praising and putting a smile on your face makes your heart so full that being able to enjoy someone’s company is worth every second you get to spend being with them alone even when you feel like the words of love could last forever.

The final straw to the love language of feeling the love between the two that could never be broken apart except to be put together in a picture frame with one heart and that can come with action and service to not only give the key to your heart but show that there is more to what you want your love in your heart to always be.


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