A reunion of days to come and dreams to be made into a reality

A conversant I wish we could be. I know that we are living in two separate realities now, but we are connected deeply by a dream that loves more than life and has erased the past. Even though we are not talking now, we are still fighting our battles in life but a reality I wish was not just a dream where if we could, I wish we could talk, but I want to keep everything just between us because I don’t want everyone to be nosy in my life because me and you have had a fair share of times when our privacy has been broken, and then it all turned out so complicated, but life can be difficult sometimes, but I still hope for the future to be a reality and not just a dream I do love you, and it may be a little early to say especially since we still have some things to sort out between us, but I hope that I will get to see you and that there will be no interruptions when we are in the middle of a reunion?




  1. Eugenia · 12 Days Ago

    Superb take on the prompt!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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