The Roses on my letters

Hitting the love like it was
faster than the night
coming like a petal of the roses
after a new night of love and romance combined into one
like love letters of roses.

The letters from beginning to love to the end of a future with each chapter of a story

The petals entrap the soul
writing voices that go on the paper like a ghost
where petals gave the words of love a brand new starting point
and finishing every cover unlocking the keys to the thoughts of my life
that love more than words could ever speak but leaving a trace of the petals of roses
comes like a secret that has been hidden behind every part of the story and reached the point of where stories could never just speak with more than one voice
but letting the characters of the story make the choice
where roses are like flowers
and petals are like roses on letters.
From me to your love
I only see the future that has been unwritten
but is connected by the stories of each and every chapter.
From me to my heart
the words of love seemed to me like every word was never just a spoken phrase
but only hit like the notes of a piano of art
where the canvas was the blank page where the words like paint began to spread.
From my story to you
each word filled in the glasses of the heart
that became a stone that was fragile
just like the pieces of my heart
that ran free like wine from a glass.
From my mind to my thoughts
seems like a movie
where life is a scene and the words are the script
that play a role not just a part of a character.

From roses to letters, dear my BlueMoon, your love in the petals of roses, Rosyred

From letters to roses,
where every petal just seems like a dream,
and with the spark of just one love,
singing a dance like it was a song,
traveling through life like it was a dream in the making but keeping up with time was like keeping up with the rose petals of love letters.
From letters to roses,
you kissed with passion,
and made my stories more than the heart could ever desire to speak,
but you trusted with your greatest possession and that was your heart and I gave you the key to my life as well as the lock box of the treasure.
From letters to roses,
you smiled like your life was brand new,
and that was just seeing me from the story of life,
that made more than just loving the real you.
From letters to roses,
you fought the distant and spoke about life,
as if it was already lived and connected like a heartbeat of the chest between the love of me and you.
From letters to roses,
the fall of the day,
was more than just the dawn,
but keeping the life as if was more than just, the day of being alive.
From letters to roses,
you kept me in the heart that loves more than midnight and that was the night we both fell in love more than just a heartbeat of the moment that was shared like the past that opened up new feelings inside of a love story.
From letters to roses,
you smelled the aroma around your heart
like flowers where raindrops caught the eyes of the moon where love was the perfect circle of life that I had with you.

Lover sky was so much deeper than life

Love was deeper than what they caught in the moonlight of the ocean
where life was many reasons to love the impossible
but it never was impossible not to love the one of you and me
where deeper than life was more than love stories mystery.

The roses that became letters

The roses on my letters
The roses on my letters are the words of my feelings where each petal that falls from the stems are another word that is from my heart, you always used to look at me like you had it all and everything was worth figuring out and now that life seems to be taking a new direction you seem to only know where your dreams are heading but out of the present your life shows you the map of life one where you could transfer the destination into a scrapbook of life but hidden behind all of the weekdays every lesson comes out of the chapter were writing every single word comes to life even if it seems so faraway to achieve and just like dreams they take time to be reached.
The roses on my letters
You captured my heart without waiting for the time to come before you were left in my dreams trying to wait and then you hit the life button and everything began to feel more connected
kind of like a puzzle piece of magic
and we both had to fall until we found out what would happen and whether we stayed or left the chapter of us was not ending yet.


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