Sky of the stars

Your mind of me caught me like the moon

Where the sky was always black and white

Like a photograph with no filter

But coming through the lens only

Kept me curious

As I began to dream of an alternate universe

Where my stars blinked at me twice like my eyes

Where my heart of you could never lie

And I never knew as the stories began to hit the magic

That I would write the magic of a wand inside of a sky filled letter.

Never just saw the stars as space

I only ever saw the stars

As reading the birth chart

And knowing the signs like they were my


And with the time of birth we would know

everyone’s rising sign.

You came like a dream in recarnation

You expected me to believe that we had met

before our stars collided through this week but

the universe was a few steps ahead of us making

us both think it was all just a dream and the

stories we wrote were just a play on words and

we had never had these experiences before

except just inside of our heads beginning to think

that we have imagined the whole thing

happening but that is what you told me is like

recarnation inside of our dreams.

You read my mind

You were able to see more than just my stories

but to capture my mind before anything has ever

happened before was like a dream that you

suddenly thought was imaginary and that we

only ever made up but after so many months we

started to realize that we could read each others



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